In Good Company

In addition to discovering the club room and all the benefits of it, the weather is also changing for the better. On Saturday we ventured out to the National Cherry Blossom Festival finale and watched the fireworks …which were…lame..but still fun overall. Last Sunday, as we celebrated Sandy’s birthday, we were able to run around outside for a good portion of the day. It was … Continue reading In Good Company

Update on life

Sadly…I haven’t been able to update my blog. It’s been 2 weeks….unbelieveable! Well here is a quick update with photos of what I have been doing =D Saturday, 14- Celebrated Ting’s birthday. We ate at Thai Pavilion and then went back to Sandy & Annie’s apartment and played a fun card- murder game =D Dinner Fun card-murder game…we played for 3 hours! Sunday, 15- In … Continue reading Update on life