Trip to Victoria, BC

Whoot! just came back from an overnight trip from Victoria, BC with Khang. Overall, a trip well spent =) We took the Victoria Clipper there and stayed at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa, which provided the friendlies service I could have ask for. Our hotel. We had to cross the bridge to get to it. Our room! Although I was super excited … Continue reading Trip to Victoria, BC

My days in Guilin: Part 1 – Days 1-7

Guilin is a beautiful City from top to bottom. The people are kind, the food is tasty, and the scenery is just to die for. I attended and stayed at Guangxi Normal University in Guilin, which is a huge school. Our month there was ridiculously busy! On Tuesday and Thursday, we would have Chinese (language) classes for 2 hours and then afterward we would each … Continue reading My days in Guilin: Part 1 – Days 1-7

Vietnam Part 5 of 5: Chùa Lá

Alas, I am finally at my last post of the 5 part series =D Of all 3 sites, this was my favorite. Chùa Lá (or aka Leaf Temple) has a special place in my (our) hearts and where we spent the most time at. This post will probably be the longest..and no matter how much I’ll never be able to sum up our experience … Continue reading Vietnam Part 5 of 5: Chùa Lá