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Curbside Food Truck – Vietnamese Cuisine on the Fly

Curbside is the latest addition to the food truck craze that is breaking its way into Seattle.

Curbside is a Vietnamese food truck…well, actually it’s a trailer, and it sits stationary at the Shell Gas Station on Nickerson Street and Queen Anne. It’s about a block away from Seattle Pacific University (SPU) and is somewhere between the Fremont and Queen Anne boundaries.

As many in the area know, Curbside sat at the corner of the gas station waiting to open for months. Pending inspections and paperwork, people would constantly go by asking when would it open? Well, after frustrating months of working with inspectors, auditors, crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s, Curbside finally had its grand opening on March 19, 2013.

Since its opening, Curbside has had a warm welcoming into the neighborhood with people showing their excitement to the food trailer and coming back for seconds on the same day. The SPU area has been seriously lacking food, so this was a great change of pace for the locals and students, plus, it’s really affordable. According to most customers, the cost of eating out for them has gone dramatically down! So, after overcoming the difficulties of getting the truck up and running, Khang, the owner, and has been elated with the bustling reception and is constantly excited to meet who’s next in line.

Curbside Contact Info:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Curbsidefoodtruck?ref=hl

3 W Nickerson St
Seattle, WA 98119


The menu consist of:

Appetizers: Spring Rolls, Vegetarian rolls, Salad rolls, & Egg Rolls

Sandwiches/Banh Mi: Chicken, BBQ Pork, Viet Deli Meat, Tofu

Entrees: Rice Combo (bbq pork/sprimp paste -bean curd/Fried egg), Vermicelli noodle, Fried Rice w/ Chicken thigh, and Viet Beef Stew

They take both cash and credit. Their usual hours are 10am-4pm, but are extending to 6pm for now to test the waters since so many customers have gone by requesting an extension of hours.


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The day has come. I’m officially…a NEET. What is a NEET? Well…it is me. haha

NEET is an acronym meaning “Not in Employment, Education, or Training.” Can you believe it?? I’m done with school finally and unemployed. It’s a bit strange, waking up and knowing I will never be back in there again unless I go to graduate school. How bizarre.  Reality has set in. As many of you know, my former job, which ended this last Tuesday, was a job I had on campus as a student worker. I finished up my final quarter of my undergrad in summer, and spent the rest of the time working on campus, so the reality of not having school never set in since I was on campus so often.

On my final day and hour of work, I walked through campus as the fall weather set in; the cool winds and rain brushed against my face with a reminiscent feel to it. Usually…I’d be avoiding the rain and walking briskly through it, seeking shelter…but last Tuesday, I enjoyed the rain that set across Red Square for the first time as I walked through the puddles. I could smell the rain, and I could smell the start of school. I never realized how signific ant the weather was to the beginning of a school year until now.

I’m glad I graduated, but at the same time sad that I’m done. Well, onward to something new and better! And..we’ll start it off with me being a NEET for the month =)

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Two topics

Two topics!

First Topic:

The time has come! After several months of this chit chat about leaving, I am finally going.

Here is the plan:

Plane leaves at 1:40pm tomorrow and we will arrive in Vietnam at 11:40PM on June 26th.

On the 29th we are going to the dorm where Em, Janeemebe and I will be volunteering and teaching English for 10 days. Afterwards we will depart to Thailand for a 5 day tour, and then once we’re back we will have a few days to either roam Vietnam, shop, or do whatever.

Anxious? You bet I am. Please look forward to new posts and photos!

Second Topic:

PB&J went on another journey yesterday. Although this time it wasn’t for a photoshoot…instead, it was biking!

We started at Discovery Park and ventured to downtown Seattle, when the sun started to set, we headed back. Click >here< to see the path we went on..it’s not completely accurate, but it’s basically it; a good majority of it were hills! how irritating..grr!

I’m quite out of shape…I could barely keep up with Peter and Brian! I need to train! but instead..I will be devouring yummy foods in Vietnam haha.

This is the view from Garfield Street (you can find it on the map by clicking >here< and following the red line ). Basically..we’re looking at where we biked to.

The total miles we covered…well it seems ambiguous right now because Peter took his GPS with him and and at Garfield Street we covered about 6.75mi already…so basically we did at least 12-15 miles? who knows…

Anyway…have a wonderful summer folks! keep me updated with anything that comes up.


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Wing Luke Asian Museum

Wow..Already June 1st! One more week of school, and then finals week right after. Yay for summer (but too bad there hasn’t been any nice weather though…).

For any of those who can, please go to the Wing Luke Asian Museum! I went with a bunch of friends today to catch lunch and then headed to the re-grand opening of museum. Everything in there is amazing! It’s sooo interesting! It’s not totally complete yet but they have enough stuff to keep you entertained for hours, especially if you are interested in Asian history, particularly Asian-American history and the hardships of immigrating to America.

We arrived at about 12:30 or so we only saw a brief part of the Lion Dance before they departed. The drumming/music made it really lively though! Here are some photos from it =D

Lion Dance

Vietnamese Artwork

You can’t tell in the photo, but there are 8 beautiful carvings of Chinese men and women

This was hanging on the ceiling like a chandelier, and there is actually a 2nd part to the artwork where you take these huge fancy fans and fan them, causing the chimes to ring.

This was the last exhibit. In actuality, this is a backdrop to a theater room.

The Wing Luke Art Museum ROCKS, especially because it made me really appreciate my major in International Studies of Asia.

Ooo and since I don’t ever do this, thank you everyone for commenting and visiting my blog! I always look forward to reading what everyone has to say =D

Btw..does anyone know how to install google analytics to wordpress?! I tried downloading stuff, etc etc..and nothing is working for me ;___;


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Ahh…been busy lately.. I have soo much to post about, but too little time. Final exams and papers are all coming up! I’m feeling the pressure. 2.5 weeks of school and I’m off to summer vacation 😀

In the mean time, this isn’t anything exciting to read but it’s a recap on my weekend..Why do I write these? because I think I’m slowly losing my mind. I can barely remember anything past 1-2 days….

Friday: after work, went to the Folklife Festival with Didi, Janeemebe, Em, and Gangan.

These were selling at the folklife festival!

Saturday: Hung out with Peter, Anthony, Paul, and Brian. Here is the highlight of the night: Anthony and Peter’s younger brother Mathew had a ton of friends over. I don’t really know their names so lets call them Boy A and Boy B. So the two of them made a deal where if Boy A drinks 2.5 shots of liquor, he could use Anthony’s taser gun on Boy B’s crotch…… -___- Surprisingly enough, Boy B agreed…

Sunday: Went with my lunchtime eating crew to Chinatown. We ate at Mike’s Noodle House, and then wandered around. We ended up going to some nice place with this man-made waterfall and then to Kobe Terrance Park. That night, I hung out with the boys again and also with Em. The original plan was to go to the bars, but instead we went to Priscilla’s place and spent the night playing Beer Pong. I got home at 5AM.

(click photo for description)

Monday: Today was Memorial Day weekend, so no school! I didn’t spend it sleeping in though…I woke up at 9 something and got ready to go to our friends birthday lunch. After lunch, went with my brother to sell a car because my dad decided to move back to Asia lol..sporadic man…When I told the buyer of the car that we were selling it because my dad moved out of the country, he asked “so..does he know you’re selling this?” lol And finally, I am ending my day with homework.

so basically…3% homework < 97% fun. I need to focus more….I think..I’ve only gotten 4-5hours of sleep a night for a week and a half now. O goodness.


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Seattle Photo Shoot

Peter and Brian invited me along to their planned full day of photography in Seattle for Saturday, and I of course, took up their offer! Peter rented out an extra Canon XTi at STF from school because it included a variety of different lenses, so the day included 3 college students that had 3 XTi cameras. Boy did we look like tourist roaming the streets of Seattle.

Here is the original itinerary and locations in Seattle that the boys planned (refer to this link for my blog to make sense): Google Map

We pretty much stayed on track the entire day with only a few alternations, which made the trip even better. Instead of eating Dim-Sum, we ate at Samurai Noodle in Chinatown. The place was excellent and by far the best ramen place in the area. After the Smith Tower Observation Deck we went to Cow Chips, wandered through a toy store, and then to Pike Place (where I saw the Gum Wall).


Our plans ended a little early when we arrived at Kerry Park though. It was about 4:00PM so we had 1.5hrs before the sun set. We spent a bunch of time taking photos but realize that the sunset wasn’t worth waiting for because 1. it was damn cold and 2. the clouds were covering up 98% of the view, so we headed off to Sushi Land for dinner around 5PM (O and btw, I’m glad we got the ice cream after all ha..ha). Once we finished, we headed back to Kerry Park for night shots of the city and had loads of fun doing light paintings =]


Besides those minor changes, we followed the itinerary pretty well! When we headed home, we dropped in on Peter’s little cousins birthday party for a bit and then back to his place where we viewed our photos. The down side of things? Well, we were unprepared with memory cards… so we were pretty conservative about taking pictures, plus it was incredibly cold. Overall though, the day was amazing and fun! I ended up getting home at about 4Am..so it was like a 19 hour day from the time I got up? 17-18 if you only count the time we spent together lol.

Let’s do this again! The day went by reallyy fast (as we were constantly running low on time for parking) and was full of activities! We have many more places too see! although, how about in warmer conditions? haha, thanks Brian and Peter for a wonderful time! O and thanks Megellan (my gps system) for leading the way :]

(I’ll post more photos later when I get my hands on them. These photos here were taken with my point-n-shoot and camera phone, not the XTi)


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