Getting Older

Last night I went to a punk rock concert with Jane, Khang, my little cousin and her friend. I went because my little cousin wanted to go, so I knew none of the bands. I ended up liking 2/5 of the bands though! haha…. The bands were Shyforshy, The Real You, Madison Drive, Stereo Skyline and the headliner band Danger Radio. I personally enjoyed The … Continue reading Getting Older

Patterns of sound make music

Although I listen to a variety of music, ranging from The Used to NEWS to Timbaland to Mae. Lately, I prefer listening to softer or poppy music..which is quite the transition from my High School days when all I would listen to was punk/rock etc. What music can’t I stand?… hardcore SCREAMO, most techno and the really thuggish gangSTER rap crap.. -___- ok, perhaps I’m … Continue reading Patterns of sound make music