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Getting Older

Last night I went to a punk rock concert with Jane, Khang, my little cousin and her friend. I went because my little cousin wanted to go, so I knew none of the bands. I ended up liking 2/5 of the bands though! haha…. The bands were Shyforshy, The Real You, Madison Drive, Stereo Skyline and the headliner band Danger Radio. I personally enjoyed The Real You and especially Madison Drive.

Madison Drive

So I’m coming to think that I’m getting too old. As my little 16 year old cousin and her friend jumped up and down rocking to the music, Khang, Jane and I went to the back at the 4th band since we were tired of standing hahaha… >_____> I still enjoyed it but damn…by the time I’m 25 and especially 30, someone is going to need to buy me a cane, because I’m going to need it.



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Patterns of sound make music

Although I listen to a variety of music, ranging from The Used to NEWS to Timbaland to Mae. Lately, I prefer listening to softer or poppy music..which is quite the transition from my High School days when all I would listen to was punk/rock etc. What music can’t I stand?… hardcore SCREAMO, most techno and the really thuggish gangSTER rap crap.. -___- ok, perhaps I’m more picky than I thought?

I composed a list of the current music I’ve been listening to. Yay, so if you’re curious at all check out the link below:

My current playlist: please click >HERE<

CDs that never get old:

(click the name to hear their music, click the album for info)

Jack JohnsonOn and On

Mae The Everglow

ONE OK ROCKZeitakubyou

The Shanghai Restoration Project Story of a City

The WallflowersBringing Down the Horse

CDs that are wonderful for studying:

Kaztake TakeuchiUnder the Willow (I got this CD from Em’s cousin Kazuhiro while in Japan, he’s the publisher of the CD and manager of Fly n’ Spin Records)

Joe HisaishiPiano Stories Best ’88-’08

And Lastly, because I’m too lazy to list more, I’ll end with this:

Joe Hisaishi- “Summer”

So basically..I’m an old lady lol =D I have a bunch of other favorites, butttt I believe those are my top..keep in mind that I am also very indecisive.though>.>

Oh, so if you look below to where it says “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)” , that was not written by me. WordPress added it and I can’t change it. DAMN YOU WORDPRESS!


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