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My photos going public!

Back in the summer of 2009, my friends, bro and bf went camping at Lake Crescent at the Olympic National Park on Fairholm Campgrounds. I remember waking up early one morning while everyone was still asleep and I ventured off to take a few pictures of the lake in the cool morning…

To see other photos I took that day, click on this >link<

A few months back, a guy from a company called Health Enhancement Systems emailed me and asked if he could use my photo of Lake Crescent on his their website, and of course, I said yes, so long as they gave me credit and sent me the final results. I’ve had other newspaper reporters and companies ask to use my photos..but this was one of the few companies to follow through with their word  and send me something back!  here are some screen shots =)

Small shot

My Lake Crescent photo, credits included!

It’s always nice to see that something as simple as a photo that I take, can be appreciated by others and put to good use =)



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A BBQ Get Together

This year is full of BBQ’s for me and I absolutely love it. I haven’t had any proper sleep this whole month, and those BBQ’s don’t help either, especially since I always stay up extremely late and wake up early…but then again….it’s definitely well worth it every time =)

Last night, Meesha held a BBQ at her house and gee-willickers, was it nice to see everyone again. With the difficulty of getting all of our schedules together, I hadn’t seen some people since at least graduation! and the familiar and comfortable environment that is between us all, was definitely missed.

Oh, I love summer nights

Not everyone was surrounding the fire pit..lol boys..

I decided to do light paints! here are some successful ones =D I drew this one

Jane drew this one =D

Our..candid photo >___<

And..the night ended with arm wrestling haha

I had fun!…but I think I gotta get some sleep. I slept at 2:30 last night? woke up at 6. I’ve had prob 20 hours of sleep since sunday? perhaps less…..


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Some DC thoughts

Street music playing on our way to Dupont Metro station after class at 10pm.

I have exactly 1.5 months left here in DC and boy has it gone by quickly. I can definitely say that I am looking forward to going home though. Although DC is a magnificent place, full of life, activities, museums, concerts, and events, I need to be home from this monotonous and busy lifestyle of juggling school, program events and a grueling 9-5 internship.

Don’t get me wrong though, the opportunity of living in DC is incredible. I am at the political center of the US, and what better time to be at it than with the new Obama administration leading the nation. I’ve been able to learn so much, and not just from the class I’m taking, but about myself, culture, career choices, and the political spectrum. It’s impossible to summarize all the thoughts I’ve accumulated from this experience. I love it here, but I also realize that it’s just a temporary experience. Everyone’s wondering if I’ll stay here longer, but that’s actually impossible! I need to come home to graduate! plus, once this program is over, the great times here will diminish significantly since the people in my program will be gone.

Overall though, DC is a place I would love to introduce to people. There are endless of possibilities, whether it’s in entertainment or career. This definitely is the place to be if you want to get your foot in the door.

As for me..Would I live here? Would I come here for school? Work in the future? Honestly…who knows. As of now, it’s too early to make these predictions. I have too much on my agenda to worry about an unpredictable future. There are things I want to do, there are things I need to do, and things that might just come up which are simply unexpected. So I will stick to saying, I have no idea where I’ll be in the next five years, just wish me luck.

People often ask me what I’ll do after graduation, or what plans I have for the near future. Well… I have many tentative plans but nothing concrete. But that’s how it’s always been, and that’s how it will persist.  Life is unpredictable and that’s how it will remain. My feelings today could be different tomorrow. My thoughts tomorrow could be severely different today. I have regular habits and routines that make me a predictable person, but yet, so many things remain unclear. This is how it should be and I am very content with it. I don’t make clear plans for the weekend because I can worry about them later. I don’t make a concise itinerary when I travel because it takes the pleasure out of new adventures.

My time in DC has made me very aware of my future, in both the educational and career realm. Sometimes it makes me uneasy because of my go-with-the-flow manner of living, but at the same time, it brings me comfort since I believe things will work out if they’re suppose to. I’m surrounded by business suits and ties every day, and I can’t help but wonder if this is the culture I really belong to? Is this really what I want? I could argue both.


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Destination A to C

Originally Annie and I were suppose to go to Georgetown with Heather, Esther and Vivian. After a morning of cleaning the apartment and washing clothes, I went to have brunch at Annie’s apartment. We finished eating before noon hit, and the other 3 girls didn’t want to go to leave until Georgetown until 1:15pm.

Whenever I am on the Metro, I look out the window and notice a lot of plazas really close to us, but can’t really identify what stores are in them since we’re going so fast and the image usually gets cut off by buildings and tunnels. So Annie and I have been on  exploration-type walks after work and such, seeing what is around us. Since we had a little more than an hour, we decided to go for a walk and told the others we would meet them at the Metro at 1:20pm.

Well…the walk turned into an adventure! we first found a playground..then discovered tons of new restaurants, bubble tea shops, grocery stories, and shops with clothes and neccessities! we ended up walking until 9pm! We got semi lost too….since we were at least mid-way between 2 Metro stops when we discovered that we would be too late to go to Georgetown, we decided to head to the next Metro…well..somehow we missed it and walked to the 3rd one. We walked the ENTIRE 9 hours  time too (about 5.3miles or 11kilometers), only sitting once or twice to put stuff away in our backpacks. Around 9ish, we finally got dinner at the grocery store and then found the Metro station to head back to the apartments =)

So..instead of going from our original destination from A to B..we ended up at C haha..and the best part? we did the same thing Sunday..just not as long and much more focused on photography instead of shopping. After cooking a quick dinner on Sunday, we intended to meet up with Carolyn and Ting for a concert. While on the Metro though, we realized that we’d be too late, so instead we took an adventure again! We got some ice cream, walked a little more than 4 miles with no destination; we walked around the Potomac River and visited the Lincoln Memorial while taking a bunch of night photos.


Crossed the bridge over the Potomac River, going from DC to Virginia

Annie and I at the Lincoln Memorial


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Perks of DC

DC is full of activities, events, and museums to attend…and the best part is?? Most of it is free! This past weekend, my roommates and I didn’t do much on Saturday. I cleaned, washed clothes, washed sheets, vacuumed and all that good stuff and then just relaxed, shortly went grocery shopping and went to work out.

Well…after a day of sitting around, my roomies and I felt restless, so on Sunday, we all went out to a concert! It was The Air Force Concert and Band & Singing Sergeants..Featuring Katherine Kohler; Clarinet, and presenting country legend Charley Pride =D at Constitutional Hall.

So it’s not boring, here are some awesome photos of the concert! and what’s even better…was that it was free! We came a little late since we didn’t know where it was at first and got a little lost, but once we got in, the cold winds were absolutely worth it. It started with instrumental music, moved on to a wizard of oz type musical thing, and then country singer Charley Pride sang after the intermission =D

On the Metro with the roomies

Katherine Kohler on Clarinet

The crowd

Wizard of Oz musical

A small clip from the Wizard of Oz bit


Country legend Charley Pride

A clip of Charley Pride singing

Yay! The concert was awesome! It started around 3, and ended at 5:30pm. There was another concert at 6 at the National Gallery Smithsonian, which was orchestra music, but we were tired and found that 1 concert was plenty haha. So Sunday, was well spent!


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The Colors

For the first time in a long time, I’ve appreciated the various colors that the Fall season brings us. Everywhere I look while I’m driving, walking around, on campus, and so on and so forth, the beautiful colors just stun me. Even if I’m in a rush somewhere when I’m at school,  I’ll completely stop to just look at the colorful leaves that have fallen.

Why haven’t I noticed these colors before? hmm…I think it’s because it’s actually been really sunny outside lately. Instead of running from building to building when I’m at school trying to shield myself from the chilly winds and cold rain, I can actually walk through the brisk campus and enjoy the variety of colors.

I went everywhere throughout Seattle today with Christina and Jane =) we got to enjoy the finer moments of Fall.

I took this picture on Campus with my phone =)

Before the leaves all fall off the trees, try to take your time and take in the wonders of mother nature.


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What next?

This school year is going a little too fast…and yet too slow. It is my final year in college and I honestly don’t know what to do when I’m done. I have a lot of “plans” but nothing settled to set in motion.

Shall I stick around and look long and hard for a job? Assuming I can find an awesome one within 6 months of graduation? Shall I go to China and learn Chinese? Go to Vietnam to do a minor job, volunteer and work on an NPO that Janeemebe are in the midst of starting? Perhaps travel back to Japan with Emili and enjoy myself? Take a few months off and travel, plus gain experience?

There are so many maybes on my mind. I have a lot of contemplation to do and things I have to finalize. As much as I want school to hurry…I’m also hoping it’d slow down.

Sometimes I think I’m growing up too fast! The days have only been getting better as time goes by but dang..what’s next after this?

I’m slowly getting my groove back btw! Photos from my China trip are slowly getting uploaded! altho..my blogging isn’t really up to par anymore.. o well..I have a midterm today, and one on Friday, wish me luck!


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