Hello fall, goodbye ceiling

Well…remember my previous post about my ceiling being fixed on July 27th?…well..turns out it was only temp. With the fall weather setting in, the weather recently has been rain, rain and more rain. These last few days have been pouring down rain like no other…yikes. As I had the lights off in my bedroom..I noticed that the blotch on my ceiling looked…rather…large..and I noticed that … Continue reading Hello fall, goodbye ceiling


The day has come. I’m officially…a NEET. What is a NEET? Well…it is me. haha NEET is an acronym meaning “Not in Employment, Education, or Training.” Can you believe it?? I’m done with school finally and unemployed. It’s a bit strange, waking up and knowing I will never be back in there again unless I go to graduate school. How bizarre.  Reality has set in. … Continue reading NEET

Got Cut

Ahh..Look at that cut on my wrist. It doesn’t look so bad in the photo though, but it hurts like crazy. It looks like some failed suicide attempt since it’s neither vertical or horizontal haha >___<  I could have some badass story to it and how I got it…or perhaps my dogs slashed me..but no.. Guess how I got this painful mark that was close … Continue reading Got Cut