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Movie Review: Little DJ

Wow..It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a movie review! =D My summer has been packed with trips and now that I’ve started work and school again, it made my transition back into reality a bit more difficult. I’ve watched a bunch of movies while I’ve been gone so here goes!

Chiisana koi no monogatari 小さな恋の物語 (Little DJ)


Taro (Kamiki Ryunosuke) is a 12 year old boy from a small town that loves baseball and pretending to be a radio DJ. Due to a sickness, Taro is hospitalized and while there, he eventually becomes the lunchtime DJ at the hospital and changes the meloncholy beat at the hospital to a more light hearted one. Based on Onizuka Tadashi’s novel, Little DJ is a story about the reminiscents of young love and music.


Quick to capture your heart and attention, Little DJ is a gentle and sweet movie to watch. Main actor Kamiki Ryunosuke, who plays Taro, is a brilliant young actor with a bright future. The cute romance and feelings expressed in the movie bring light to the joy of being a child again. Some people might find Little DJ to be a typical story about a person in the hospital, but with the twist on music, romance of a girl who is a year older, and other side stories, Little Dj will no doubt, touch your heart. Honestly, I have no bad things to say about this movie, it was simply sweet and heartwarming. I think some might find it slow? but definitely not me.

My rating: 9/10
Should you watch it? Definitely. It seems like you’re typical story about incurable disease, but it’s very heartwarming.

To check out other reviews on Little DJ check out the links below:
Nhatkyviet– 4.3/5
Imdb: 8.1/10

If you don’t have the movie and want to watch it streaming, click >here< to watch it on Crunchyroll.

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Movie Review: Nobody Knows

Ahh. It’s good to be on Summer Vacation.

Dare mo Shiranai 誰も知らない (Nobody knows)


Nobody Knows is based off a real event that occurred in Japan tagged the “affair of the four abandoned children of Sugamo.” Although the story is fictional, it gives a bases of the actual event; the movie covers the story of 4 children who all have different fathers and their survival after abandonment. Only the oldest boy Akira (Yuya Yagira) was registered at birth, so when they move into the new apartment, the landlord only knows of the existence of him and the mother, forcing the other 3 children to be sneaked in. Eventually, their mother ends up leaving a few hundred dollars and abandoning the 4 children in the apartment, leaving Akira, who is only 12 at the time, to fend for his siblings.


Slow paced and heartbreaking, this movie truly captures the sense of abandonment and heart of a child. Unless you have the patience to watch this movie, you won’t be able to grasp the beauty of it and the resilience of the children. It’s a simple and realistic film which doesn’t have any high and exciting moments, but definitely not boring since the cinematography and actors/actresses do an amazing job of portraying these light-hearted children who seem to be stuck in limbo. To say the least, this film is warming yet heart wrenching. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this movie besides it being quite slow and long. Overall though, a VERY well made movie, but definitely not for everyone.

My rating: 8.5/10
Should you watch it? If you have the patience and the time, it’s a lovely movie.

To check out other reviews on Nobody Knows check out the links below:
Rotten Tomatoes– 96%
Imdb: 8.2/10
Yahoo: B

If you’re interested, you can watch this movie with English subtitles on Crunchyroll by clicking >here<

As for the true story, please follow these links below if you are interested:

Wiki: Affair of the four abandoned children of Sugamo.

Shisso: scroll down to where it says “if you are interested in the real story that happened back in 1988” to read about the event.

Straight: An article about the movie and real story- click >here<


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Movie Review: Rainbow Song & Summer Time Machine Blues

So…even though it was finals week, I watched a whole bunch of movies! It was a good excuse to not study I suppose. Now that I am finally on summer vacation, I will probably overwhelm everyone with how many blogs I put out until I have to leave on my trips! well here are 2 movie reviews! Actually..there should be 3. I was going to review Stardust , but these reviews already took me way too long lol..plus you can find TONS of reviews for Stardust if you look them up, unlike these 2 movies below! Please look forward to a bunch more reviews coming up though!

Ooo 2 weeks and I’m flying out to Vietnam and Thailand, how rad is that??

NO SPOILERS! – I’ll never write spoilers…why? because I HATEEE reading spoilers..whenever I read a review that has spoilers, I get pretty upset.. lol so I’ll try my best not to write them =D

Niji no Megami 虹の女神 (Rainbow Song)


As best friends, Tomoya Kishida (Hayato Ichihara) and Aoi Sato (Juri Ueno) are students of a film club and although they both love each other, neither has the courage to confess. Tomoya Kishida finds out later that Aoi Sato dies in a plane crash while going to pursue her dream in the film industry. Rainbow Song tells is a reminiscent movie about a love story that never had.


Rainbow Song is a pretty sad movie to watch, but at the same time, I think it’s a story that many people could relate to, especially since confessing your love for someone will never be an easy task. Ueno Juri and Hayato Ichihara were great picks for their roles. Not only are they unique actors that each have their own styles, but they’re both very convincing in this role. Although there were some really good laughs in this movie, especially at the beginning when Tomoya Kishida was being a stalker, it turns into a pretty mellow movie. The downside? I thought there was a lot of unnecessary side stories that could be left out. Overall, it’s a story thats heartbreaking and very realistic. I found myself having mixed reviews about this one, but in the end I did like it, especially how it was filmed.

My rating: 7/10
Should you watch it? Although I didn’t like this movie as much as when I watched it, I would recommend it. The more I think about it, the more I like it. Don’t watch this expecting flare though, it’s pretty calm.

To check out other reviews on Rainbow Song check out the links below:
Lunaparks– Editor & user ratings: 7/10
Imdb: 7.3/10
Yahoo: B+

Sama Taimumashin Burusu サマータイムマシンブルース (Summer Time Machine Blues)


Summer Time Machine Blues revolves around 5 guys in the sci-fi club and 2 girls in the photography club during the summer. Both clubs share the club house and after fooling around 1 day, coca-cola ends up spilling all over the air conditioners remote control. A time machine ends up appearing out of now where, and in order to save their summer days from the unbearable heat, they set out to rescue the remote control by traveling back in time!


This is a entertaining movie that really makes your mind work. It’s not GREAT but really well thought out. The concept of time travel is confusing enough as it is and this movie took it to its limit! The director and writer of this movie are brilliant! There is also an excellent twist of love in the movie that although is predictable, it wasn’t too corny. Cons? I found myself getting really frustrated throughout the movie; we all understand that if you change something in the past, it would of course, change the future right?? well, some of the characters in the movie just didn’t seem to understand this concept until it was slapped across their face. Overall, it was an OK movie, but I liked it a lot because of how well it was made.

My rating: 6.5/10
Should you watch it? It’s definitely interesting, but not GREAT. I wouldn’t say you had to rush out and see this, but if you have the time, try it out.

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Asian Movie Reviews: 8/10
Imdb: 7.8/10


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Movie Review: Koizora / Sky of Love

Yay another movie review! Instead of watching movies and writing reviews though…perhaps I should be studying for finals??haha…anyhoo.. My synopsis and review aren’t as well written this time though because it’s actually REALLY difficult to write about this movie without throwing in any potential spoilers… XD

Koizora ( Sky of Love) – Oh..and if you click on the link, it’ll send you to an awesome site of reviews, HOWEVER, there are spoilers on that link if you go pass the synopsis.

Trailer: (no subs)

Synopsis by me (no spoilers anywhere on this page!):

Koizora is a story about a sweet-naive girl named Maki and a silver-haired semi-trouble maker boy named Hiro. Based on a true story, the movie tells the tale of first love in high school and the heartaches and troubles they encounter along the way.

Movie Review:

Koizora is a very cute and heart warming movie, however, it does fall under the genre of “cliche” love story that can be quite predictable. I’m a chump for corny movies, so I found this a pretty good watch. At times, I got pretty convoluted about how much time passed because SO much happened in such a short time frame, but overall it was an easy story to follow. Also, the devolution for their love sometimes was just a bit surreal/unrealistic and just plain silly (I would usually elaborate on this..but that would be spoiling it!). On the plus side though, actress Aragaki Yui and actor Miura Haruma do an amazing job in their roles, making it difficult to not fall in love with their characters as they battled love and hardships. This movie is known to be a huge tear jerker, and although I didn’t cry, I can definitely see why a lot of people would. Overall, I liked this movie a ton; interesting story, warming, and excellent acting. Before I forget…does no one in that school use the library or something? lol -___-

Oh! and the big question to ask is…do you REALLY believe that this story is based on a true one? Supposedly, the story is based off the author’s actual experience, but is it possible to have all that happen in that little of time? Some say its very unrealistic, but as for me..I think some of its a true story… that got exaggerated…just like every other big-screen movie.

On a side note…the bleached hair on Hiro looks really weird at first, but as I continued watching the movie, the crazy blond hair grew on me oddly enough. It was a part of the character and it was almost weird seeing him without it in the movie.

My rating: 7/10
Should you watch it? If you like cliche-sappy love stories, this is a winner. Although…I have heard this is a “hit or miss” kind of movie.

To check out other reviews on Koizora check out the links below:
MovieXclusive: 3/5
Imdb: 6.5/10
Yahoo: A

If you want to watch the movie, it’s streaming on crunchyroll! click >here< to watch! Apparently it has just been licensed recently! hmm….*ponder ponder*

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Movie Review: Crows Zero

Ah, It’s been awhile since I’ve done a movie review! It’s not that I haven’t seen any new movies (because trust me I have), it’s just that I’ve been lazy. Some recent movies I’ve seen are Iron Man, 21, Forbidden Kingdom, and so on and so forth…In which case, those 3 movies I listed were all really good watches! If you haven’t already, check them out!

Well, here goes!

Crows Zero (Kurozu Zero)

Trailer: (also, if you click on the link above, you’ll find a subbed trailer)

(NO spoilers, I swear!)

Synopsis by me:

Crows Zero is a story about Suzuran High School, which is infamous for being the toughest and most bad ass school around. The goal of the school isn’t based on sending your kids to a fine college and receiving a wonderful education but instead, the teachers are shoved out of the picture and the students have created a feudal system of physical violence; the objective? Control and rule Suzuran. Suzuran is split into different gangs based on their classes and reputation, so in order to rule Suzuran, the leaders must prove their nobility through fighting to recruit more members and building alliances. The current leader of the school is Tamao Serizawa (Takayuki Yamada), who is inches away from full reign of the school, however new-boy Genji Takaya (Shun Oguri) transfers in for the sole purpose of also taking over Suzuran.


The movie did not begin as I had thought it would, but it did eventually trail into a story about punk kids fighting for reign over their high school. There were also a handful of unexpected hilarious and quirky parts that added to the enjoyment of this 2hr movie of violent action. I personally favored Serizawa’s and his crew best, but that’s because even though he had the role of mr. big-shot, he was still quite silly and caring. Perhaps you’ll agree with me once you see it? The cinematography was brilliant, from the fighting scenes to the use of umbrellas at the end. The most difficult part I had with Crows Zero is that I kept getting people mixed up! I couldn’t remember who was in what crew and etc. Some other cons to the movie was probably the attempted romance in the movie with Genji and Ruka (Meisa Kuroki)…I didn’t really get that at all. Ohh, and the ending seemed only mediocre? …but once again, that might just be me? Nonetheless though, I really liked all the little side stories (even though they seemed kind of scattered at times) and the entire movie general. Great action, good acting and excellent story.

My rating: 8/10
Should you watch it? Yes! Action, humor and well made.

To check out other reviews on Crows Zero check out the links below:
MovieXclusive: 4/5
Imdb: 6.6/10
Yahoo: A+

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Jdorama: Last Friends Ep 3

Can you believe it’s already May!? We’ve finished 1/3 of the year already!

This is a crazy-evenful drama! It has me on the balls of my feet and my heart is throbbing every second of the way as I anticipate for something bad to occur. (Episode 4 is out but I don’t believe subs for it are out yet. You can find a link to the all the soft subs released for this drama (and others) by the fansub group Kioku by clicking >here<. They are the most up to date, so keep your eyes open.) *** UPDATE*** Ep 4 softsubs are out as of May 6,2008.

I was going to write a little synopsis of every episode…but I realized that it was impossible for me to summarize because I wouldn’t know what parts to leave out. So if you DO want a summary just let me know, or 2, you can check out the blog I list below for a wonderful summary/analysis of the drama:

Links: NekoDan– Summary of Ep 1, and so on and so forth to Ep 3 so far…This person does an EXCELLENT job summarzing, so be sure to check it out and show your appreciate.

The ending to episode 3 made my heart pound in complete madness. Michiru (the main character) stood up for herself for the first time, but as you’ll see, the end result was quite traumatic.

Although it’s a hard watch because of the domestic violence, I would highly recommend it because of the strong and well done story. For those that know me, I am going to shove this drama down your throat until you see at least 1 episode lol. I have them on my hard drive so it shall be easy =D

Ok…Midterm in like 2 hours..I should get to studying that now -____- I have a flickr and blogging addiction. Someone snap me out of it.


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Jdorama: Last Friends

I’ve noticed that most my recent blogs have been very “Japan” oriented! Whether it’s about my trip there, music,or now drama.. haha o well, here goess!

I didn’t end up watching any jdoramas that came out in Winter 2008 beyond 1-3 episodes because nothing really kept my attention. This Spring season though, seems full of a bunch of worth-watching jdoramas! I plan to check out Zettai Kareshi, Gokusen 3, Hokaben, ROOKIES, and Last Friends.

I’ve watched episode 1 of Last Friends and I loved it (you can find SOFT SUBS by clicking >HERE<) They’re all amazing actors/actresses and the story seems really well done so far. Everything about this drama has me hooked, just like my love for Tantei Gakuen Q. The opening song “Prisoner of Love” by Utada Hikaru fits PERFECTLY. Even the video for the opening caught my attention, which is rare since I always skip over them (the only exceptions now are this and the opening for Tantei Gakuen Q: check out my past blog for details and the video by clicking >here<).


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