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We need to break in…

With Christmas approaching, Khang and I have been holiday shopping and returning for several days. Today, as we were leaving the house, Khang had to run back inside to check something on the internet, so he took the keys to unlock the house door. I sat in the car waiting and when he came back…he had no keys. O___o

I thought, I’ll probably call someone and hopefully someone could pick me up and bring me to my moms work nearby…but instead, Khang said he could break in. Very boy thing to do yea?


First he tried the downstairs bathroom window…

Then he tried the garage window…

Then we decided my room since I just opened my window earlier that day to air out the dog smell…the difficult part was that he parked his truck RIGHT under my window. lol…awesome huh?

He managed to open it! The biggest problem was gripping it open…how did we do it? We went into his truck to grab his GPS that was on the window and took the suction cup thing and used that to drag the window hahahaa

The weather was cold..and rainy..plus we had been walking all over my lawn…luckily, on his own courtesy, he took off his shoes before entering my room!! haha, I wanted to ask him too, but I didn’t think it would be the appropriate time haha… >__>

If you look closely…his shoe is off lol

(I took these pics while holding the ladder with my phone lol)



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Wrong Number

I currently work on campus as basically technical support for the equipment in classrooms on campus or setting up for events. For some reason though, we always get a bunch of students calling to ask for advising about having enough credits or whatnot.. It’s always weird because they just ramble away and barely give me a chance to cut them off before I learn about the college-history….

So just a few moments ago, a young man called:

*ring ring*

Me: *I answer it saying my work name and office location*

Guy: ok…well, I was wondering if you can help me with something?

Me: Yes, of course

Guy: Well…I missed the graduation application deadline —-

Me: (I usually don’t cut people short because it’s too difficult..but I could tell this was going to be REALLY embarassing if I didn’t stop him lol so I bit my tongue and held back from calling him a moron…) Well ACTUALLY, you have the wrong number sir, we offer technical support for classes.

Guy: Well, can you tell me where I should call?

Me: You should probably call your department…….. >.>

Guy: The thing is…I’m in General Studies

Me: Oh…. (doesn’t General Studies have a department?!Have you NEVER been to it or something?? No wonder you missed the deadline you IDIOT!). Well, here is the number to *so and so*

Guy: Thanks, so these are the people that will help me with my graduation situation right??

Me: I do believe so, good luck with that *click*

…..LOL..so during the phone call I was also consulting my co-workers for assistance on where to direct this dude..It was a VERY awkward phone call that lasted for a good 2+ minutes lol

But seriously..no wonder he missed the graduation deadline…


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A jumbo of stuff

Since I don’t feel like writing 3 separate blogs, I will combine these 3 completely different topics into 1:

1. I’ve told several people this after didi informed me about it! So my apologies for being repetitive but here is some news:

Fox News: Yale Student Insists ‘Abortion Art’ Project is Real, Despite University’s Claims of ‘Creative Fictions’

A Yale University student who touched off a campus firestorm with her shocking claims of repeatedly artificially inseminating herself and then inducing miscarriages as part of an art project stood by her story Friday, despite statements from the university that her version of events is “creative fiction.”

Other articles claim that it was a hoax though <click here for article>…So it’s all up in the air at this point. If this is real though, ugh..I don’t even know where to start. The idea of having morals just flew out the door and it just makes me angry. I’m pro-choice, but getting pregnant on purpose in order to have a miscarraige is beyond my comprehension.

2. On a lighter note, check out this article/video:“Enterprising youngster gets himself stuck in a claw machine”

If that was my kid…I would leave him in there and put in some quarters >.> lol jk! but seriously..thats just plain dumb…

3. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I love Downtown, these Japanese comedians are just awesome. Here is an episode of “5 Rangers” =D They’re only 5-7minutes each. If you like it, you’ll find the other episodes linked on the youtube. I find it absolutely hilarious! But…maybe I just have a really weird sense of humor ho ho ho

Got to this link to watch: http://youtube.com/watch?v=xPZ1b1HcJjI

(I can’t seem to embed it in this, o well)

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