Vietnam Part 3 of 5: Ky Quang Temple

The first site we went to when we started our volunteer time was Ky Quang. Something I regret from our trip was that we only went to Ky Quang once because of how little time we had. Pictures in all these sites were almost impossible to take since the children would go crazy over our cameras. It was ESPECIALLY hard at this temple and the … Continue reading Vietnam Part 3 of 5: Ky Quang Temple

Vietnam Part 2 of 5: Peace House

Here is part 2 of my Summer in Vietnam series! I will apologize ahead of time for this part of the series.. It’s a bit scrambled and super long because it’s impossible to sum up >___< Peace House in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh The entrance is behind the curtain and this is our living room. Stairway View from the roof To the left of the tracks, … Continue reading Vietnam Part 2 of 5: Peace House

Vietnam Part 1 of 5: Vietnam

My trip to Vietnam was absolutely amazing. Words cannot describe what a great experience it was. Even before the trip ended, people were already messaging me and saying “I can’t wait to hear your stories” and the thoughts that ran through my mind were… “It’ll be impossible to tell you any stories.” I didn’t climb mountains or tame lions, instead, I got to spend my … Continue reading Vietnam Part 1 of 5: Vietnam

Current Events: Sichuan Earthquake

UPDATE: May 16, 2008 Myanmar: Myanmar cyclone death toll nearly 78,000 “The cyclone’s official death toll has nearly doubled to almost 78,000 and another 56,000 people remain missing two weeks after the devastating storm, state television reported Friday.” The Red Cross fears the toll may be as high as 128,000; the U.N. estimates more than 100,000 died. The U.N. estimates some 1.5 million to 2.5 … Continue reading Current Events: Sichuan Earthquake

Updating-ish on the Japan trip

[UPDATED: scroll down to the youtube music video added] I’m contemplating on whether or not to do a full update on my trip to Japan, mostly because there is too much to cover and I hate leaving things out. Overall the trip was amazing and Emili is a great travel buddy, which I already realized when we did our small trip to Pullman together. Is … Continue reading Updating-ish on the Japan trip