Florida Trip – Part 1/5: Making the best of my days in Florida

Whew…tiringgg trip..but sooo good. As a present for Khang’s birthday, we went on a trip to Florida and hit up all the hot spots! Our mission: Utilize all the time we had there, check out the major theme parks, and drink up The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Island of Adventures in Universal Studios. And damn..we accomplished just that. Disney Downtown Oct. 17th, … Continue reading Florida Trip – Part 1/5: Making the best of my days in Florida

The Canker Sore Life

Canker Sores, not to be confused with Cold Sores, continuously ruin  my life. If there is ANYTHING that I could change about myself..it would be the fact that I get canker sores. I’m jealous of the people that have never endured this pain, that at times, will prevent me from eating anything beyond soups/congee. Canker Sores: are oral ulcers, that are ridiculously painful sores inside the … Continue reading The Canker Sore Life

Trip to Victoria, BC

Whoot! just came back from an overnight trip from Victoria, BC with Khang. Overall, a trip well spent =) We took the Victoria Clipper there and stayed at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa, which provided the friendlies service I could have ask for. Our hotel. We had to cross the bridge to get to it. Our room! Although I was super excited … Continue reading Trip to Victoria, BC

Bad Batch of Toyota’s

So…I found out the hard way… apparently there is a technical service bulletin reference for Toyota Corolla’s and Matrix within the years 2005-2007..the Electronic Control Module (ECM) seems to be faulty… now, I bet you’re wondering what a ECM is..WELL… it’s basically a computer in your car that signals the senors in the car and sends signals to various switches to make your car run … Continue reading Bad Batch of Toyota’s