Global Awareness: Kony 2012

With the powers of social media, news can spread to millions with a simple click of a mouse. Many of you may have already seen this, but if not, please watch this video created by Invisible Children titled Kony 2012. For those of you who don’t really know too much about this, I’ll try to explain what I know this in a simplified way, especially … Continue reading Global Awareness: Kony 2012

Onward to Finals and a Beginning

As of today, I am officially done with the quarter and all is left are Final exams….I have 1 final exam Dec 4th..1 Dec 8th, 1 on Dec 9th, and the last one on Dec. 10th. ..Until then though…I have finished the petty work that is in the way of cramming for my exams, whooey! I JUST finished my last 8-page paper like 5 minutes … Continue reading Onward to Finals and a Beginning

Vietnam Part 5 of 5: Chùa Lá

Alas, I am finally at my last post of the 5 part series =D Of all 3 sites, this was my favorite. Chùa Lá (or aka Leaf Temple) has a special place in my (our) hearts and where we spent the most time at. This post will probably be the longest..and no matter how much I’ll never be able to sum up our experience … Continue reading Vietnam Part 5 of 5: Chùa Lá

Vietnam Part 4 of 5: Minh Tâm Orphanage

As I stated in my last blog, it was ridiculously difficult to take photos of these kids because 1. they always wanted our cameras, 2. they would fight over the camera, and 3. they were too young to be trusted with our electronics, so some days we would just go here without it. We could never take pictures during play time because they would just … Continue reading Vietnam Part 4 of 5: Minh Tâm Orphanage

Vietnam Part 3 of 5: Ky Quang Temple

The first site we went to when we started our volunteer time was Ky Quang. Something I regret from our trip was that we only went to Ky Quang once because of how little time we had. Pictures in all these sites were almost impossible to take since the children would go crazy over our cameras. It was ESPECIALLY hard at this temple and the … Continue reading Vietnam Part 3 of 5: Ky Quang Temple

Vietnam Part 2 of 5: Peace House

Here is part 2 of my Summer in Vietnam series! I will apologize ahead of time for this part of the series.. It’s a bit scrambled and super long because it’s impossible to sum up >___< Peace House in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh The entrance is behind the curtain and this is our living room. Stairway View from the roof To the left of the tracks, … Continue reading Vietnam Part 2 of 5: Peace House