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Jdorama: Last Friends Ep 3

Can you believe it’s already May!? We’ve finished 1/3 of the year already!

This is a crazy-evenful drama! It has me on the balls of my feet and my heart is throbbing every second of the way as I anticipate for something bad to occur. (Episode 4 is out but I don’t believe subs for it are out yet. You can find a link to the all the soft subs released for this drama (and others) by the fansub group Kioku by clicking >here<. They are the most up to date, so keep your eyes open.) *** UPDATE*** Ep 4 softsubs are out as of May 6,2008.

I was going to write a little synopsis of every episode…but I realized that it was impossible for me to summarize because I wouldn’t know what parts to leave out. So if you DO want a summary just let me know, or 2, you can check out the blog I list below for a wonderful summary/analysis of the drama:

Links: NekoDan– Summary of Ep 1, and so on and so forth to Ep 3 so far…This person does an EXCELLENT job summarzing, so be sure to check it out and show your appreciate.

The ending to episode 3 made my heart pound in complete madness. Michiru (the main character) stood up for herself for the first time, but as you’ll see, the end result was quite traumatic.

Although it’s a hard watch because of the domestic violence, I would highly recommend it because of the strong and well done story. For those that know me, I am going to shove this drama down your throat until you see at least 1 episode lol. I have them on my hard drive so it shall be easy =D

Ok…Midterm in like 2 hours..I should get to studying that now -____- I have a flickr and blogging addiction. Someone snap me out of it.



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Jdorama: Last Friends

I’ve noticed that most my recent blogs have been very “Japan” oriented! Whether it’s about my trip there, music,or now drama.. haha o well, here goess!

I didn’t end up watching any jdoramas that came out in Winter 2008 beyond 1-3 episodes because nothing really kept my attention. This Spring season though, seems full of a bunch of worth-watching jdoramas! I plan to check out Zettai Kareshi, Gokusen 3, Hokaben, ROOKIES, and Last Friends.

I’ve watched episode 1 of Last Friends and I loved it (you can find SOFT SUBS by clicking >HERE<) They’re all amazing actors/actresses and the story seems really well done so far. Everything about this drama has me hooked, just like my love for Tantei Gakuen Q. The opening song “Prisoner of Love” by Utada Hikaru fits PERFECTLY. Even the video for the opening caught my attention, which is rare since I always skip over them (the only exceptions now are this and the opening for Tantei Gakuen Q: check out my past blog for details and the video by clicking >here<).


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A jumbo of stuff

Since I don’t feel like writing 3 separate blogs, I will combine these 3 completely different topics into 1:

1. I’ve told several people this after didi informed me about it! So my apologies for being repetitive but here is some news:

Fox News: Yale Student Insists ‘Abortion Art’ Project is Real, Despite University’s Claims of ‘Creative Fictions’

A Yale University student who touched off a campus firestorm with her shocking claims of repeatedly artificially inseminating herself and then inducing miscarriages as part of an art project stood by her story Friday, despite statements from the university that her version of events is “creative fiction.”

Other articles claim that it was a hoax though <click here for article>…So it’s all up in the air at this point. If this is real though, ugh..I don’t even know where to start. The idea of having morals just flew out the door and it just makes me angry. I’m pro-choice, but getting pregnant on purpose in order to have a miscarraige is beyond my comprehension.

2. On a lighter note, check out this article/video:“Enterprising youngster gets himself stuck in a claw machine”

If that was my kid…I would leave him in there and put in some quarters >.> lol jk! but seriously..thats just plain dumb…

3. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I love Downtown, these Japanese comedians are just awesome. Here is an episode of “5 Rangers” =D They’re only 5-7minutes each. If you like it, you’ll find the other episodes linked on the youtube. I find it absolutely hilarious! But…maybe I just have a really weird sense of humor ho ho ho

Got to this link to watch:

(I can’t seem to embed it in this, o well)

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Jdorama List: Updated!

UDPATE: Because I wanted to be more organized, I’ve made a separate page for my jdorama. So for a even MORE recent list, please click >Here<


Hey folks! I decided to update my jdorama list from last time, ;it’s quite the list huh? lol but remember, I don’t watch TV or anything else. anyhoo, if you have any question or what not about these, just leave a comment. I tried to make it more detailed as well =]

My Rating 1-10:
10 = MUST WATCH!!!
8 = Enjoyable
5 = So..So. Not great, but it’s something to watch if you’re bored.
3 = Poorly done. Boring/cliche story line.
1= Do not bother.

Jdorama List

(this banner above consist most of what I consider the best jdoramas =] )

1 Pound no Fukuin (1 Pound Gospel) – 6.5 (~ep3)
Comedy drama about a boxer who lives to eat and is in love with a nun.. pretty quirky.. lol

Akihabara@deep – 5 (~ep3)

Ashita no Kita Yoshio– 7.5 (~ep2) About an unlucky man who plans to commit suicide on a set date, but runs into interesting people that make everything eventful. It’s interesting but can be slow.

Attack no. 1 – 8
High School volleyball drama; this drama rocks

Attention Please – 4.5
A punk-rock girl tries to become a pilot. It had it’s moments, but I don’t get the hype…

Bara no nai Hanaya – 7.5 (~ep2)

Beautiful Life – 9*

Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru – 7 (~ep1)

Dance Drill – 4
A girl tries to form a cheer leading team, based on a true story. Overall, not THAT interesting but I still watched it…why? I dunno…

Densha Otoko – 4
An otaku saves a girl from a perv on the subway. It had it’s funny moments but overall, predictable and the lead actress could have done a better job.

Dragon Zakura – 8
School drama about the dumb kids being pushed and striving to get into Japan’s top University by a rebel-ish teacher. This is the first school drama where you see students actually do school work!

First Kiss – 6
Sick girl goes visits her brother in Japan while pending her days before a critical operation. Cute story… but predictable and not THAT interesting….

Gachi Baka – 3
An twist of the school dramas GTO and Gokusen..nothing special.

Galileo – 7.5
Episodic drama that involves mysteries. It’s amazing how they solve some of the cases…others are a bit too surreal. Ending sucks.

Gokusen I – 8
School drama about rebel kids and a teacher who is the heir of the yakuza. Pretty darn entertaining!

Gokusen II – 4
The story is identical to Gokusen 1, but the only thing different is the cast…

Good Luck! – 8.5*

Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) – 9*
School drama about rebel kids again; one of the originals.

Haken no Hinkaku – 6 (~ep2)

Hana Yori Dango – 10
All I have to say is…I love HYD.

Hana Yori Dango II – 10

Hanayome to Papa – 7.5
Cute romance drama that involves an overbearing father.

Hanayome wa Yakudoshi – 7.5 (~ep8)
A former hit news anchor tries to do an undercover variety program on how life is being a wife on a farm. It’s a romance-comedy and the mother-in-law is frightening.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hani Kimi)- 10
ahh…I absolutely love this show. If you don’t know it..shame on you.

Hachimitsu and Clover (Honey and Clover) -6 (~ep2)

Ima Ai ni Yukimasu – 9.5
Absolutely amazing and cute story. No high points and no low points. You grow to love the characters in this sweet story.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park (IWGP) – 9.5
This is just a crazy and funny drama. Please watch it lol It’s not you’re typical drama that is clean cut, but perhaps for a older audience?

Joou no Kyoushitsu – 7.5
About a elementary school teacher who is basically the devil.

Kimi Wa Petto – 3.5
This is just weird…a boy pretends to be a pet dog for a lady.

Kisarazu Cat’s Eye – 8.5 (~ep2)
This is like IWGP, but not as “grown-up”. The story is hilarious so far and a lot of the same cast in IWGP is in it.

Kurosagi – 9.5
About a swindler swindling swindlers hahaha. Basically a robin hood story. I loved it.

Long Love Letter – 6 (~ep3)

Lost Time Life – 8 (~ep1)
I’ve only seen one episode but it’s pretty good. Not what I expected though, but definitely interesting.

My Boss My Hero – 7.5
School drama about a guy in his late 20s who is in the yakuza going back to high school. Corny as hell…but I also found funny as hell haha..but I think my sense of humor is different lol

Nobuta wo Produce – 8.5

Nodame Cantabile – 9
This is a good one, especially if you’re into good classical music! Go watch it!

One Litre of Tears – 7.5
Drama about a girl with an incurable disease (and based on a true story). There is a twist of romance as well. It’s a tear jerker. Don’t watch the special, it’s boring and pointless.

Orange Days – 9.5*’s been too long for me to remember this well, but I do remember highly enjoying it.

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan – 7.5
A daughter and father switch bodies! awkward….it’s a comedy-romance, thats typical..but cute.

Proposal Daisakusen – 7.5
A young man watches the love of his life get married,but some time during the ceremony he goes back in time. It’s quite the frustrating drama when you see how pathetic the main character can be but its still quite cute.

Sore Wa Totsuzen Arashi No You Ni – 2

Stand Up!! – 9.5
This was a really silly drama, watch it if you like stories like American Pie and such.

Summer Snow – 9.5*

Sushi Oji – 8.5
I didn’t think I would get pass the first episode when I first started but, it was so ridiculous that I had to keep watching. I lovedd it! sooo sooo silly and funny..or maybe I just have a weird sense of humor..anyhoo…only downer was that the ending sucked. Some people prob won’t enjoy this as much as I did..but I can’t blame em lol

Tantei Gakuen Q – 10
Mystery drama! This drama had me hooked from the start. This is a must must must watch! Although, let me add that I seemed to like this way more than most people haha, and the ending isn’t fantastic.

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi – 7.5
Love story about a low status guy and high status girl. Cute but very cliche.

Tiger and Dragon – 5 (^ep1)

Unfair – 6.5

Yamada Taro Monogatari – 2 (^ep2)

Yukan Club – 2.5
This had its funny moments but geezus this was a horribly done drama. Lame story line, bad acting, and etc. The only reason people are in love with this drama is because of the casts! I like them too but….they should just stick to singing.

* = watched it a long time ago, but don’t remember it too well. i.e Beautiful Life, I enjoyed it a lot but I can’t remember details.

(~ ep#) = Is the episode I left off on. Either I am currently watching it or I started and haven’t gone back to it yet.

(^ep#)= Episode I left on on and probably will NOT go back to watch. Incomplete.

News on Dramas/Movies:

1. It has been confirmed that there will be a Hana Kimi Special!!

Last summer’s “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e” drama series is returning for a one-episode special. Starring Maki Horikita, Shun Oguri, and Toma Ikuta, the show was very popular, especially among female viewers. It averaged 17.3% ratings, with the final episode reaching 21.0%.

According to Fuji TV, the special will take place half a year after the series’ end. With Osaka Gakuen getting ready for an upcoming Valentine’s Day event, Sano (Oguri) and Nakatsu (Ikuta) reflect on the final week of their last summer vacation, which falls into the timeline of the original series between episodes 7 and 8. The special also includes a graduation scene and addresses the relationship between Mizuki (Horikita) and Sano.

2. Hana Yori Dango: Final – Movie synopsis: It’ll be 4 years since the end of HYD2, and Tsukushi and Doumyouji prepare to get married . . . when Tsukushi’s precious super-expensive wedding tiara is stolen. Recovering the item requires the help of F4 and trips to Hong Kong and Las Vegas.

Personally..I think it sounds rather dumb..but I’m a fan of let’s hope for the best!

3. HYD is a hugee hit all over Asia. The Japanese manga was produced into an anime, then turned into a Taiwanese drama (Meteor Garden), and then to a Jdorama. Of course it didn’t end there though! Next is HYD, Korean version, can you believe it?


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Kurosagi & Tantei Gakuen Q

If you have seen the jdorama Kurosagi, this might be of interests to you!

Kurosagi is a drama about a swindler who swindles other swindlers (haha thats a mouth full). Basically, it has a Robin Hood kind of premise to it. I personally really enjoyed it, so I’m definitely looking forward for the movie to come out (March 8, 2008). Below is the movie-music video (with subs); it is the main song for the Kurosagi movie and is also sung by NEWS, which Yamashita Tomohisa, who plays the main character in the movie/drama is in. Enjoy!

Here is a link to the video to the trailer for the Kurosagi movie:

For other crime investigation dramas, I HIGHLY recommend Tantei Gakuen Q (Detective School Q). I just finished watching this drama about a week ago and it is definitely one of my favorites (better than Kurosagi!). Thanks didi for the recommendation! You can watch the drama by clicking >Here<!

The video below is the opening to Tantei Gakuen Q. Usually, I fast forward through opening and closing of any anime/drama but the opening and song were just too good. The song is done by a band called FLOW and the title is Answer. If you like the song, click >Here< for the actual full length music video.

Well..since I’ve already linked everything I might as well continue. The ending song for Tantei Gakuen was also a good listen, so heres there music video for it!

Band name: The Brilliant Green, song: Stand by me


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Another time waster

How are you folks doing? Midterms are on the way! It came unbelievably fast too! Can you believe we’re already going on to our second month of 2008?

It snowed last night… I ended up putting off all my homework until the evening so I spent the rest of my night doing homework for all my classes, which includes a midterm paper -___- I got done with everything around midnight. When I turned off my light and headed to my bed, I got a glimpse of some sort of white/pink glow outside my window. At first, I thought it was fog..but it looked a bit too weird to be fog…to my surprise, my whole neighborhood had been completely covered in snow, and I never noticed. I opened my window to take a picture and the snow overwhelmingly covered my face….

Well, here are some things I’ve found browsing the net (or people like dede and kiryogi link me to) and decided to share. If you have time or a curious bone in your body, please continue reading!

When Google Leaves Town

This video is just really silly. It’s basically a bunch of people acting as large internet companies in a party. It sounds weird, but it’s quite entertaining! My favorite is Facebook because it’s so true.

Game Collector

You know, I thought my brother’s collection was pretty insane..but this is way beyond my comprehension…Click the photo to go to the blog entry.

Home Theater

I always thought having a home theater would be awesome, but I definitely never thought of building something like this! Once again, click on the photo to go to the webpage that I got this from. There are a total of 10 home theaters shown. As much as I like them though, I could do without the trekkie stuff o.O

Fact or Fiction?

Does coffee actually stunt growth? Nope! Are carrots good for your eyes? Yup! Here is a small article on some myths that have been dispelled, although I’ll warn you that the other ones aren’t really that interesting… Click >Here<!

Kid Geniuses

A 12 year old boy has been obsessed with medicine since he was young and has memorized medical books. He claims that he was close to finding a cure to cancer! Or there is Budia Singh, who at the age of 3 ran 20miles! He was the youngest marathon runner in 2006, covering 65km. Sounds interesting? Click >Here<

Maid Guy Cafe in Akihabara

Have you guys heard of Maid Cafes? Well, it’s basically a cafe that has waitresses dressed up as maids/butlers as they cater to the otaku culture referring to the customers as master (-sama) and etc in Japan. Weird enough as that sounds…apparently there are now men who cross dress as the maids in a specific cafe.. Click >Here<for details.

Japanese comedian Jinnai Tomonori- Security Camera

This guy is just hilarious to me. There are a bunch of other clips of his acts and they’re all extremely silly! They’re subbed, so enjoy!

3-D Printing

As it says, 3-D printing! I had a chance to use a device that printed things 3-D during high school, so the technology isn’t THAT new, however, it’s still pretty darn awesome. Unfortunately, this video isn’t subbed, but it’s still pretty rad and innovative. There is the video below, but if you want to see other cool advancements in technology, click >Here<

Batsu Game High School

As always, I have to link you guys to these Batsu Games- the show where the comedians at subject to weird situations and can’t laugh or they get hit. Ah…these shows are just awesome. I love the Downtown and their crazy antics.

If you enjoy these random blogs, click here: “Fun Read” to go to my past blogs which are like this.

I have so much homework..including my paper due tomorrow, and yet..this is what I’m doing :/


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If you’re bored…

Here’s another entertaining blog to go in the “Fun Read” categorry! It feels like awhile since I’ve done one, so as always, if you’re bored/want to waste time/need a distraction, continue with reading/watching!

Washing Windows
This is at a school in China. If you notice, the people washing the windows on the ledges are actually the students.! and they look quite young…Supposedly this builds character and what not…

Sex and Marriage with robots?
I got this link from dede, and thought I’d share it with you folks. As the heading says, sex and marriage with robots! Seems bizarre doesn’t it? Here’s an excerpt:

“At first, sex with robots might be considered geeky, “but once you have a story like ‘I had sex with a robot, and it was great!’ appear someplace like Cosmo magazine, I’d expect many people to jump on the bandwagon,” Levy said.”

Dirty Festival
On the Okinawa island of Japan in the ninth month of the lunar calendar, they have this festival called Pahntou (パーントゥ). During this festival, 3 men covered in mud, grass and whatnot go around smearing mud everywhere. If you get smothered in mud by them, consider yourself quite fortunate! Why? because it’s considered lucky! -____-

On a show that performs crazy experiments, one of the segments was this: Bazooka vs. Bulletproof Glass. The only real catch to this segment was to not reveal the glass company. On the first trial, the glass shattered, so the glass company wanted to try again, hence video #2. (Refer to this link for more details: Japan Probe)

Trial 2

Human Tetris (new ep)
This show doesn’t get old for me 🙂 The show this time features Korean K-1 fighter Choi Hong Man. As for the 2nd video, it’s a short preview Russian version! They even stuck to the uniforms! lol, and supposedly there is mention that the show has started in France, Italy, and Indonesia as well! What a popular show!

Russian Version

Do Not Laugh
If you like those Do Not Laugh Batsu Game shows or enjoyed the 24 hour Punishment episode I linked last time, this will be right down your alley! It has subs too! (there are 9 parts to it)

The Vii
No it’s not a typo, I didn’t mean to type Wii. The commercial below is a completely different innovative system made in China! >___<


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