A new beginning

Sometime in November, an internship opportunity came up and I decided to take a stab at it. Just applying to the internship was ridiculously difficult as I had to meet with the campus liaison and do several edits on my applications, which consisted of an essay, my resume, 2 recommendation letters, a placement statement and my transcript. After 3-4 revisions, several emails, and 3 meetings … Continue reading A new beginning

Onward to Finals and a Beginning

As of today, I am officially done with the quarter and all is left are Final exams….I have 1 final exam Dec 4th..1 Dec 8th, 1 on Dec 9th, and the last one on Dec. 10th. ..Until then though…I have finished the petty work that is in the way of cramming for my exams, whooey! I JUST finished my last 8-page paper like 5 minutes … Continue reading Onward to Finals and a Beginning

My days in Guilin: Part 1 – Days 1-7

Guilin is a beautiful City from top to bottom. The people are kind, the food is tasty, and the scenery is just to die for. I attended and stayed at Guangxi Normal University in Guilin, which is a huge school. Our month there was ridiculously busy! On Tuesday and Thursday, we would have Chinese (language) classes for 2 hours and then afterward we would each … Continue reading My days in Guilin: Part 1 – Days 1-7