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Life After Graduation

I am a graduate. My 4 years at the university were incredible and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I made friends. I made memories. I made a lifetime of achievements. Although I came out unemployed, I still believe I have it so much better than it would have been if I would have chosen a route without a formal education.

I am currently looking for employment. I have sent in numerous of resumes in hopes that my future becomes somewhat more stable. Life was pretty much predictable until graduation. I knew I would be going to school, going to my part-time job, doing homework, hanging out, and then came summer…then the cycle would repeat again. Year after year, after year. This was a cycle of school and then summer that continued for about 17 years.

I have graduated now. I have my Bachelors degree. I won’t be going back to school like before. I have chosen not to go to attend graduate school…at least…for now. The excitement of graduation was something I always anticipated. I longed the day when I would no longer have homework and to study for test that at the time, I found completely futile. Many people graduate missing school, but what I miss most is the social aspect of seeing my friends regularly and the stability. I do miss the education factor, but I can easily do with the test taking.

Now, I have entered reality. I am on week 2 of my hunt for employment. Yes, I have turned in several resumes in to various opportunities and have had an interview already. However, what am I really looking to do? What am I willing to settle for? I don’t think I’ll ever find an answer that best fits that. Life after graduation has been kind to be so far, so I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.



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The day has come. I’m officially…a NEET. What is a NEET? Well…it is me. haha

NEET is an acronym meaning “Not in Employment, Education, or Training.” Can you believe it?? I’m done with school finally and unemployed. It’s a bit strange, waking up and knowing I will never be back in there again unless I go to graduate school. How bizarre.  Reality has set in. As many of you know, my former job, which ended this last Tuesday, was a job I had on campus as a student worker. I finished up my final quarter of my undergrad in summer, and spent the rest of the time working on campus, so the reality of not having school never set in since I was on campus so often.

On my final day and hour of work, I walked through campus as the fall weather set in; the cool winds and rain brushed against my face with a reminiscent feel to it. Usually…I’d be avoiding the rain and walking briskly through it, seeking shelter…but last Tuesday, I enjoyed the rain that set across Red Square for the first time as I walked through the puddles. I could smell the rain, and I could smell the start of school. I never realized how signific ant the weather was to the beginning of a school year until now.

I’m glad I graduated, but at the same time sad that I’m done. Well, onward to something new and better! And..we’ll start it off with me being a NEET for the month =)

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A quick 4 years

With the exception that I have to do summer school since I got behind a quarter by being in DC for my internship, I am now a college graduate! It’s amazing how fast time flew.

I can vividly remember freshmen year of college and living in the dorms. Dorm life was hectic but it also created an amazing opportunity toward friendships. Sophomore year wasn’t so memorable for some reason… Yet..the year passed by without any hesitation. Junior year was full of 21st birthday parties, playing the game of chess, an internship, and traveling. Then last but not least…my senior year was graced with the opportunity to go to leave my university after 1 quarter and spend a semester in DC trying something new and meeting more amazing people.

I’ve now been back for a month..and just attended commencement and held a  BBQ celebration to follow up. It’s so surreal to think that I will soon be an alumni. College has been so good to me and I will undoubtedly miss it.

Congrats everyone!! 4 quick years =) and we’ve made it!

Sitting together at graduation

Family Support ❤

Friend support ❤

Now I just have to finish up summer school, and it’s all official! Congratulations 2009 graduates!! Also, thank you everyone for all your support throughout the years and for those who came out to my graduation =) Now…on a serious note..who wants to hire me?? lol


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Winter Break 08 so far

This winter break has been an interesting one. For the most part, all I’ve done is stayed home because of the crazy snow.

This is in front of my house..the mailman even has chains on his tires.

It’s probably the first winter break that I’ve gotten bored, but I’ve still managed to keep myself surprisingly busy. I’m a restless person I suppose. Oh and the snow is now gone!’s melting. Instead of snow though..there is winddd…Yesterday for lunch, Janeemebe and I went to downtown to get lunch with Mike and Didi. The wind downtown was absolutely ridiculous… Janeemebe and I were seriousllyyy blown away several times by the wind. We even had to yell to hear each other and were almost attacked by a hat that flew off some guys head.

Lately, my friends, brother and I have been playing a video game called Dokapon; it’s a RPG board game that takes HOURS…we’ve played for several days for hours on end and we’ve only gotten halfway through. It’s quite the malicious game, since it’s all about money, territory and you have so much potential to screw someone over..or at least piss them off. I usually get sleepy first, so I end up retreating to my room around 2-3am..but the others stay up until like 4-5am before leaving my house hahaha… everyone’s addicted. I’ve grown up around video games my entire life, but I don’t think I have the attention span for it…haha. We have all the new game consoles and probably thousands of video games, yet… it’s rare to catch me playing them without people over. It’s all thanks to my brother that we do have all these games…and it’s great for when the friends come over =D

Oh, and for the past week or 2 since winter break started, Whitney has been trying to deliver a gift to me, but due to the snow, both of us were stuck. At last though, she was able to stop by yesterday to deliver the gift and hang out with me and my dogs. If she reads this, thank you so so much. This will be my charm while I’m in DC for my internship.

Lucky Bamboo necklace

I’m a pretty lucky person. To add to these small joys, I was able to meet up with old high school friends just last night. They were my best buddies in middle school and high school, some of them I’ve known way back to 2nd grade even. We all hadn’t gathered together very often since college started ( maybe only 2 times?), and in some cases, I hadn’t seen some of them in 2+ years. Some of us hadn’t even seen each other since leaving high school! It was a pleasant reunion and good to catch up and see how much everyone had grown. Some of it was wayyy too embarassing, but in the end, it felt good to see everyone.

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Snowing to no end

This past week has been extremely cold. It snowed Saturday night and the snow hasn’t melted at all since temperatures have been from -8 degrees Celsius to perhaps 0 degrees Celsius at a high. The roads have been extremely icy and difficult to drive on for me….oy..I feel trapped in my house.

Since I have no real priorities now that I’m on winter break (and my part time job is a campus job dependent on classes being in session), I am stuck at home. I usually would go out and about but the thought of driving in the ice and snow makes my heart race…so instead I have stayed at home for the most part, limiting my driving. It snowed a bit last night again..stopped in the morning..and then around 3-4pm, it started to come down like crazy! So I decided to take a series of consecutive photos =) If I’m stuck inside, I might as well enjoy it right?

From left to right

Photo 1- 4:37pm
Photo 2- 5:04pm
Photo 3- 5:09pm
Photo 4- 5:23pm

Photo 1- 5:39pm
Photo 2- 5:56pm
Photo 3- 6:01pm
Photo 4- 6:55pm

Ok..I’m suppose to be doing family things! until next time!


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A new beginning

Sometime in November, an internship opportunity came up and I decided to take a stab at it. Just applying to the internship was ridiculously difficult as I had to meet with the campus liaison and do several edits on my applications, which consisted of an essay, my resume, 2 recommendation letters, a placement statement and my transcript. After 3-4 revisions, several emails, and 3 meetings I got my application approved on the day the application was due.

Well…I had given up all hope on this internship since the level of competition seemed a bit too high and I had a big hunch that my odds seem slim. I thought I had been eliminated the first round, but yesterday I got a phone interview and was completely caught off guard and unprepared. Then today, I got a missed call and a letter indicating my acceptance to the program!

What is this program? Well it is the U.S.- China Bilateral Trade Internship Program, which is ran through The Washington Center and sponsored by Boeing =) 10 students from 3 universities in China are selected, and 10 from 3 universities in the U.S.

What does this mean? This means that I will be taking 2 quarters off of school and at the end of January I will be leaving to Washington DC and returning mid-May. Most of the cost will be covered by Boeing through a scholarship that accommodates for airfare, housing, health insurance and I will also be receiving a stipend.

I received the acceptance when I checked my email in class today and was really frustrated because I couldn’t freak out about it while listening to lecture hahah

Although I did get accepted..there are still many things I have to do before things get rolling…and I still have 1-2 more interviews to pass and many papers to fill….

Well…here is to…a new beginning!

Oh! and thanks to everyone who believed in me! I’m gonna need all the moral support I can get these next few months. There is still 1more big thing I’m hoping hopefully..I can update about this internship opportunity the meantime..I’ll leave you pondering…. =)


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Onward to Finals and a Beginning

As of today, I am officially done with the quarter and all is left are Final exams….I have 1 final exam Dec 4th..1 Dec 8th, 1 on Dec 9th, and the last one on Dec. 10th. ..Until then though…I have finished the petty work that is in the way of cramming for my exams, whooey! I JUST finished my last 8-page paper like 5 minutes ago and damn does it feel good. I am scared to death for finals but let’s hope for the best.

Oh..and how could I forget…Thanksgiving weekend! Thursday and Friday off =D how awesome! This quarter has gone pretty fast…and there is still so much to do.

Let’s do an introduction to something new and still in the very early stages of development. My friend Janeemebe and I are still in the midst of everything but we both have a goal of joining forces toward creating a Non-Profit Organization called GOinspire. Ever since returning from our travels and volunteer work in Vietnam together with Emili, we saw that a difference needed to be made. We are 2 passionate, but busy college students with a dream of creating a movement and helping the youth in need in other countries in order to achieve a higher standard of living and obtain better education (more details later). Slowly since September, we have been in the midst of getting the ball going and it’s been really difficult with the busy days of school, homework, test, and just having a life though…. The goal for this Winter Break is to launch a website with everything that we (or mostly Jane) have formalized.

(I stole that photo above from one of Janeemebe’s beta button designs for our NPO- Sorry for not asking pal!)

Monks from Leaf Temple (Chua La) in Vietnam surrounding Janeemebe’s laptop

Ky Quang Temple in Vietnam

Ky Quang Temple in Vietnam

YuCai Primary School in China

Although nothing tangible or concrete is up in the air yet, I’m hoping to gather support from everyone across the globe! Please look forward to future progress of GOinspire.



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