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It’s 2011 already

Unbelievable! It’s already 2011. 2010 really did fly by…..the years truly do get faster as you get older it seems.

I hope everyone has a great 2011! and hopefully, everyone spent their new years in amazing ways already! I know I sure did!

On the first day of 2011, I spent it in the mountains, carving my way around on a snowboard =) The snow was PERFECT and

company was amazing. Could I ask for much else on a snowboarding trip or start of a new year? absolutely not! This was also the first snowboarding trip I had with a helmet..and DAMN..that sh*t works! haha. I had a pretty awesome fall near the lift, (where everyone could see me)..but thanks to my awesome helmet (as you can see on the right)….I was barely rocked. Folks..I HIGHLY encourage this helmet thing haha. Why didn’t I use a helmet before?? It would have saved a TON of pain and scary thoughts of if I was going to get a concussion or something… O__o

Anyway.. as for 2011…I should probably set a New Years Resolution…and that will be…blog more =)

Even with my drastic drop of writing blogs this past year, my blog is still getting a ton of views:

(according to wordpress)

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

“This blog was viewed about 34,000 times in 2010. If it were the Taj Mahal, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

In 2010, you wrote 23 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 245 posts.

Your busiest day of the year was December 27th with 351 views.”

So.. to start of the year on my blog, I’d like to thank all of you for reading my blogs! I alwaysss love reading comments and love knowing that my writing has gone far enough to entertain those that follow =)
Thanks everyone, and have a happy new year! 2011…here I come!



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One Year In The Making

Not only is today the big election day (in which case I hope our country chooses wisely…I put my vote in..did you?), but November 4th marks the 1-year anniversary since I’ve shifted my blog to wordpress! It’s amazing how time flies =)

I haven’t been very proactive on my blogs since my return from China ..but I’m still trying my best with the busy schedule of school, work and having a social life =)

It’s been 1 year in the making and my blog went from 270 some views in November to about ~2,000 views a month on average. People are always finding my blog through my movie reviews, vacations/trips, current event posts, and my o-so often random posts of whatever is on my mind. I always find it really amusing how people stumble upon my blog and find it of interest since it’s mostly about me haha =) Thank you everyone for an excellent year of blogging! I will try my best to keep it updated, and same goes for the photos I take!

Please look forward to another wonderful year of blogs and photos!


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Current Events: A World of Hate

Can you believe it? The end of October is drawing near and in no time, the end of the year will be approaching. The older we get, the faster time seems to fly.

The big day is coming near! I’m casting in my vote for the 2008 presidential election! o geez! Let’s hope our country can gain back its legitimacy.

Well with that I’d like to express my thoughts on the issue of racism and discrimination…why? because the issue has come up a lot with this presidential election: click >here< to read more about this news.

Here is a little bit of the article:

Candidacy Fits Into Ideology

Part of the problem is that Obama is playing into the neo-Nazi and white supremacist narrative, said Brian Levin, who studies hate and extremism at California State University, San Bernardino.

What the groups were saying — “Jews and blacks coming out of the urban areas are going to take over this white nation of ours” — has occurred, he said.

You only have to look to the Internet to see how white supremacist leaders such as David Duke are using Obama to rally their troops. Duke has called Obama a “visual aid for hate groups.”

He says an Obama presidency would provide indisputable proof that whites have lost control of America.

“This is a cultural and racial battlefront,” said Levin. “Barack Obama is symbol No. 1 of the worst the future has to offer.”

Personally, I don’t get it nor will I ever. Given, everyone is racist or discriminatory to some extent and has their own preconceived notions, but when it reaches a point to where it is beyond thought and effects others in a negative way, I think it needs to be toned down. It is the year 2008 and every race has proven themselves worthy in my opinion. Every person has the right to live, no more or no less. Why does the skin color your bear, the religion you worship, the gender you are, the person you choose to marry and so on and so forth, determine your worth and preferential treatment?

When given the same choices and opportunities, it isn’t because of who you are innately that makes you superior, but everything around that has cultivated you. If you deprive a person of education, luxuries, and other socioeconomic needs, it is no wonder that they become less of a person. Ethnocentrism has no place in our society. White supremacy is completely illogical and what makes it worst is that the people with this mentality will not understand anything else because of their narrow minded insight to life that has bred them day in and day out.

No one should be subjected to inhumane or degrading treatment just because of who they are and what they believe in. Not only does this human right SOUND intuitive, but it is clearly stated in our Bill of Rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Civil War Amendments. How does a persons choice of religion (as long as they aren’t forcing it on you), being gay/lesbian, or a persons skin color effect someone else’s daily life? Why does this resort to hate crime?

Well…I could go on and on about how immoral and non-sensible these issues are..but then I would just be completely ranting. I’m not an activist or some crazy hardcore liberal, but when judgments reach a point where they can hinder others just because of WHO they are, I think it’s time to readjust some priorities.

Oh!! Although this is going a little off topic of racism and discrimination, I’m going to add this because its on the same line>>

Today there are more than 27million slaves in the world, ranging from sex slavery, labor slavery, to child soldiers. And’s not just in third world countries where this exist, but all over the world in places like the United States, Europe, Asia, and etc etc. What makes a person think that they have the right to ownership of another person? Some people believe that it’s survival of the fittest that proves ethnocentrism, but as stated earlier, people only resort to a lower type of life style if there is no other alternative. Economics and the rate of crime go hand in hand together. Places where there is a stronger economy and unemployment is less, tend to have lower crime rates. People result to drastic measures when in need. In the case of human trafficking, brothels, and present day slavery, do you think people would still sell their children, leave their homes believing they were getting better opportunities (but later find out they were deceived), or sell their bodies if they were better off or given better circumstances? Would you put yourself in these situations if you had a choice? These acts against humanity are disgusting and the people that take part in this business, whether they are the buyer or the seller, need to be punished.

(btw If you’re interested in this topic, check out the movies, Born into Brothels and Call and Response).

Oh ho ho..did I bore you yet? Did you actually read this all?? good for you if you did! Although I know a lot of people don’t agree with me..these are MY thoughts and I’m sticking to them.


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Losin’ the groove

Many of you already know, but this past year, and particularly this past summer for me has been absolutely amazing. Just in summer alone was I was fortunate enough to get to go to Vietnam, Thailand and China =D and even during spring break in March, I went to Japan! It’s been a very Asian year haha.

Well school started for me on Wednesday, Sept. 24th and gee’s been quite difficult to get back into this school mentality. Time to shape up and focus again! I haven’t even been consistent with my blogging! and I can’t even get motivated to go through my nicer scenic shots from my trip through Guilin, China.. I’m losing my groove guys!..hopefully I can get everything settled soon and pick up my good school and blogging habits again!

This past weekend I got to go watch my first Improv Show called Split Second Improv thanks to Brian! It was awesome! I seriously wish I had the talent and quick wits to do improv..buttt I suppose I should overcome my fear of public speaking first huh? haha

HmMm..I feel like this post has been pretty random, haha..o well..I felt like it was time to get back my blogging groove…and perhaps I’ll consider finishing up and getting motivated to post more about my China trip haha =D


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On my mind

Whats on my mind:

  • It’s still cold again outside
  • Chai tea latte’s with soy, extra hot or with ice, are for winners
  • Folklife Festival is soon, does anyone want to go? I went last year and there is tons of good food..and TONS of hippies…
  • One more midterm this afternoon and I’m golden
  • Raisin bagels are quite tasty
  • I want to start a business, and I have 2 in mind…and they’re not in this country
  • I absolutely hate it when I have to touch door handles with my bare hands
  • Should I buy a better camera?!
  • I have an addiction… to Flickr
  • It’s my brother’s birthday today! Be sure to wish him a good one and remind him that he’s getting to be an old man =D
  • I want to go to Canada!
  • I haven’t kept up on reviewing movies like I use to
  • I reserved the Rebel Xti from May 23-May 29th =D
  • Jdoramas: I love Puzzle, ROOKIES, and Last Friends. Still need to see Hokaben and Gokusen 3
  • Wii Mario Kart is awesome. Try to beat me.
  • Why haven’t I tried playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl yet?!
  • I want to take more pictures…..but of what?
  • I can’t wait until this school year is over


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Wrong Number

I currently work on campus as basically technical support for the equipment in classrooms on campus or setting up for events. For some reason though, we always get a bunch of students calling to ask for advising about having enough credits or whatnot.. It’s always weird because they just ramble away and barely give me a chance to cut them off before I learn about the college-history….

So just a few moments ago, a young man called:

*ring ring*

Me: *I answer it saying my work name and office location*

Guy: ok…well, I was wondering if you can help me with something?

Me: Yes, of course

Guy: Well…I missed the graduation application deadline —-

Me: (I usually don’t cut people short because it’s too difficult..but I could tell this was going to be REALLY embarassing if I didn’t stop him lol so I bit my tongue and held back from calling him a moron…) Well ACTUALLY, you have the wrong number sir, we offer technical support for classes.

Guy: Well, can you tell me where I should call?

Me: You should probably call your department…….. >.>

Guy: The thing is…I’m in General Studies

Me: Oh…. (doesn’t General Studies have a department?!Have you NEVER been to it or something?? No wonder you missed the deadline you IDIOT!). Well, here is the number to *so and so*

Guy: Thanks, so these are the people that will help me with my graduation situation right??

Me: I do believe so, good luck with that *click*

… during the phone call I was also consulting my co-workers for assistance on where to direct this dude..It was a VERY awkward phone call that lasted for a good 2+ minutes lol

But wonder he missed the graduation deadline…


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A jumbo of stuff

Since I don’t feel like writing 3 separate blogs, I will combine these 3 completely different topics into 1:

1. I’ve told several people this after didi informed me about it! So my apologies for being repetitive but here is some news:

Fox News: Yale Student Insists ‘Abortion Art’ Project is Real, Despite University’s Claims of ‘Creative Fictions’

A Yale University student who touched off a campus firestorm with her shocking claims of repeatedly artificially inseminating herself and then inducing miscarriages as part of an art project stood by her story Friday, despite statements from the university that her version of events is “creative fiction.”

Other articles claim that it was a hoax though <click here for article>…So it’s all up in the air at this point. If this is real though, ugh..I don’t even know where to start. The idea of having morals just flew out the door and it just makes me angry. I’m pro-choice, but getting pregnant on purpose in order to have a miscarraige is beyond my comprehension.

2. On a lighter note, check out this article/video:“Enterprising youngster gets himself stuck in a claw machine”

If that was my kid…I would leave him in there and put in some quarters >.> lol jk! but seriously..thats just plain dumb…

3. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I love Downtown, these Japanese comedians are just awesome. Here is an episode of “5 Rangers” =D They’re only 5-7minutes each. If you like it, you’ll find the other episodes linked on the youtube. I find it absolutely hilarious! But…maybe I just have a really weird sense of humor ho ho ho

Got to this link to watch:

(I can’t seem to embed it in this, o well)

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