Update on life

Sadly…I haven’t been able to update my blog. It’s been 2 weeks….unbelieveable! Well here is a quick update with photos of what I have been doing =D Saturday, 14- Celebrated Ting’s birthday. We ate at Thai Pavilion and then went back to Sandy & Annie’s apartment and played a fun card- murder game =D Dinner Fun card-murder game…we played for 3 hours! Sunday, 15- In … Continue reading Update on life

Perks of DC

DC is full of activities, events, and museums to attend…and the best part is?? Most of it is free! This past weekend, my roommates and I didn’t do much on Saturday. I cleaned, washed clothes, washed sheets, vacuumed and all that good stuff and then just relaxed, shortly went grocery shopping and went to work out. Well…after a day of sitting around, my roomies and … Continue reading Perks of DC


Ah..It’s been more than a week since my last blog..can you believe it? I have so much to say..but so little time. It’s almost midnight and the 3-day weekend is now over. Instead of being boring about all the things I did, here it is with captions and photos: Thursday: After work, a few of us met up and went off to catch Happy Hour. We found … Continue reading Busy

Snowing to no end

This past week has been extremely cold. It snowed Saturday night and the snow hasn’t melted at all since temperatures have been from -8 degrees Celsius to perhaps 0 degrees Celsius at a high. The roads have been extremely icy and difficult to drive on for me….oy..I feel trapped in my house. Since I have no real priorities now that I’m on winter break (and … Continue reading Snowing to no end