DIY: Easy Fix For Lens Creep / Slip

Happy new year everyone! I have a used Canon EF 24-105mm and one of the issues it had was that the lens kept sliding out from its own weight (and apparently this happens a lot with this model: here’s a link to an example: Lens creep 24-105mm). This made it really annoying when I would hang the camera around my neck (or any time the … Continue reading DIY: Easy Fix For Lens Creep / Slip

Florida Trip – Part 1/5: Making the best of my days in Florida

Whew…tiringgg trip..but sooo good. As a present for Khang’s birthday, we went on a trip to Florida and hit up all the hot spots! Our mission: Utilize all the time we had there, check out the major theme parks, and drink up The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Island of Adventures in Universal Studios. And damn..we accomplished just that. Disney Downtown Oct. 17th, … Continue reading Florida Trip – Part 1/5: Making the best of my days in Florida

Trip to Victoria, BC

Whoot! just came back from an overnight trip from Victoria, BC with Khang. Overall, a trip well spent =) We took the Victoria Clipper there and stayed at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa, which provided the friendlies service I could have ask for. Our hotel. We had to cross the bridge to get to it. Our room! Although I was super excited … Continue reading Trip to Victoria, BC

In Good Company

In addition to discovering the club room and all the benefits of it, the weather is also changing for the better. On Saturday we ventured out to the National Cherry Blossom Festival finale and watched the fireworks …which were…lame..but still fun overall. Last Sunday, as we celebrated Sandy’s birthday, we were able to run around outside for a good portion of the day. It was … Continue reading In Good Company