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DIY: Easy Fix For Lens Creep / Slip

Happy new year everyone!

I have a used Canon EF 24-105mm and one of the issues it had was that the lens kept sliding out from its own weight (and apparently this happens a lot with this model: here’s a link to an example: Lens creep 24-105mm). This made it really annoying when I would hang the camera around my neck (or any time the camera would point upward/downward) because the lens would fully extend (or sink back down) out on its own; this problem is what camera-folk call “Lens Creep.”Apparently this happens to a lot of heavier lenses with zoom from either “wear and tear” over time or some say their lens came straight out of the box this way. If your lens is new and out of the box this way, I’d recommend you return it or contact Canon (or whoever) for a different lens, BUT! if it’s a problem that has developed overtime and you want a cheap fix without going to some fancy-expensive camera shop, then please continue on with this blog 🙂

The example I’ll be using is my Canon 24-105mm Lens, but this will work on any lens! So I’ve seen places recommend rubber bands or using “Lens Bands” which is a company that makes bands specifically for this fix, however, the Lens Bands run around 5-13 bucks if you go on Amazon (which a rip off for what it is) and I didn’t have good enough rubber bands that people were recommending on hand, so I found something that lots of people would already have instead! Just looking at the Band, I realized that all you really needed was a Charity Wristband. I got some, tested the theory and boom! it worked like a charm! plus, this method is super cheap and the money goes to a good cause! Charity Wristbands generally only run $1-2 bucks and you can get them in any color or support a specific cause of your choosing.

3 DIY steps for an easy and cheap fix to Lens Creep / Slip

1) Obtain a Charity Wristbands. Drug stores, sport stores, etc will generally carry these.

Image2) Get your lens, remove the lens hood if you have one (for the fastest way to put the band on with ease), and locate the Zoom Ring.” This is where the band will go around.

Image3) Place the band around the Zoom Ring. This will provide a small amount of needed friction around the zoom ring and prevent further lens creep / slip. (Ensure that the band will fit around the lens. Depending on the size of the lens or the band you have, you may have to get a smaller/bigger one.)

ImageTa daaa! Now your lens will no longer have that annoying creep/slide…hopefully!


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My photos going public!

Back in the summer of 2009, my friends, bro and bf went camping at Lake Crescent at the Olympic National Park on Fairholm Campgrounds. I remember waking up early one morning while everyone was still asleep and I ventured off to take a few pictures of the lake in the cool morning…

To see other photos I took that day, click on this >link<

A few months back, a guy from a company called Health Enhancement Systems emailed me and asked if he could use my photo of Lake Crescent on his their website, and of course, I said yes, so long as they gave me credit and sent me the final results. I’ve had other newspaper reporters and companies ask to use my photos..but this was one of the few companies to follow through with their word  and send me something back!  here are some screen shots =)

Small shot

My Lake Crescent photo, credits included!

It’s always nice to see that something as simple as a photo that I take, can be appreciated by others and put to good use =)


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Florida Trip – Part 1/5: Making the best of my days in Florida

Whew…tiringgg trip..but sooo good. As a present for Khang’s birthday, we went on a trip to Florida and hit up all the hot spots! Our mission: Utilize all the time we had there, check out the major theme parks, and drink up The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Island of Adventures in Universal Studios. And damn..we accomplished just that.

Disney Downtown

Oct. 17th, 2010 – We landed at 4:30pm ish, got our car and found our hotel room by 6ish. After dropping things off, we headed straight to Downtown Disney. Although Khang had been to downtown Disney before, I hadn’t, so I didn’t know what to expect! It was definitely a lot of fun, I love the atmosphere and weather. We roamed around and went into all the neat stores, then ate at Paradiso 37. Decently priced, delicious food and awesome music =) We originally wanted to hit up Quest Disney this day, but by the time we came back to it, there was only an hour left, so we pushed it off and went to get some Ghiradelli ice cream instead.. Mmmm.

Oct. 18th, 2010 – Woke up at 6:00am…completely dark outside. Our place provided a breakfast buffet at 6:30am and we were there at 6:30am sharp! We ate and were quickly off to Orlando Studios: Island of Adventures…particularly, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! With the package I purchased, we got a 2-day pass to Orlando Studios with a 1-hour early admission! We arrived around 7ish, found parking, and stood in line at 7:30, and when the early gates opened at 8, we ran to Harry Potter World. We didn’t know which way to go..but all we had to do was follow the crowd =)


I LOVE Harry Potter World. They did such an amazing job with everything, from aesthetics, to how everyone dressed, to how the workers acted and insisted on calling us Muggles -___- . The first thing we did was ride  the “Forbidden Journey.” I don’t want to ruin it for everyone, but it was definitely amazing if you’re a fan. Before hopping on the simulator-type ride, you get to walk through the Castle, which is full of things to look at and listen to. For people that are prone to motion-sickness…I’m warning you…this ride might not be for you! Oh! and after some research, I learned that  2 out of 3 of the rides at Harry Potter World are just rides that were converted over from The Lost Continent (another section of Island of Adventures). One was the Dragon Challenge , which was fun but it did make Khang a bit dizzy haha, and the second was the Flight of the Hippogriff…it’s cool because you get to see Hagrids hut…and a hippogriff..but the ride is definitely one for the kiddies. Oh! and check out Ollivanders wand shop! The line is ridiculous..and although the show is SHORT…It’s pretty cute =)

We also got a complimentary breakfast at 3- Broom Sticks with the package too tell you, it’s awesome to go up to the 3-Broom Sticks and have your name on a special list there haha. And what’s even that we got 2 glasses of butterbeer for free with our breakfast there =D

Butterbeer: Cold version

And at last! details on butterbeer! So Khang and I went to the Island of Adventures twice..once on Monday, and the other on Friday. On the first day there, we got the Cold version..but that’s because that was all that was offered to us. On the final day, they had the frozen kind (slushy-like) and also another Cold one. We both fully agree that the cold one is WAYYY better. Why? The Cold version is like drinking a Coke…and then when you try the Frozen Butterbeer version, it’s like trying the slushy version of Coke..a bit water-downed and no carbonation. Don’t get me wrong, the frozen one is still good! but..overall…Cold Butterbeer FTW!

The only downside…was that Harry Potter World was TINY. From entrance to exit..if I walked without stopping, I could probably walk through it in 5-10minutes… >___< Otherwise though…I love the place =)

Of course, Khang and I ventured off to all of the other portions of Island of Adventures and hit up all of the big rides, like  Incredible Hulk roller coaster, The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man : a 3-D simulator ride,  Doctor Dooms Fearfall, a ride that brings you up high and drops you back down, and Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Fall, similar to Splash get…completely SOAKED. The Hulk definitely took the cake on best roller coaster at Island of Adventures. We also dropped by Suess Landing and went on the rides there, and watched a show at The Lost Continent called Poseidon’s Fury.

We left the park near closing and went back to our Hotel to clean up…but of course, the night didn’t end there! We went back to Disney Downtown, and went to Quest Disney, a 4-story arcade that has a bunch of interactive games. If you go at a later time, generally 7:30-8pm and after, it’s half price! Some of the games were loads of fun, like the interactive one with Pirates, the bumper cars that shoot, and the retro arcade section, but overall, your typical giant arcade. We left at closing, after spending about 2-3 hours there, trying to get our moneys worth haha.

…and wait! there’s more! before ending the night, we went to the largest McDonald’s! or so, it claims haha. With a huge menu that has the normal stuff, plus pizza’s, sandwiches, enchiladas, and etc. The second floor doesn’t allow food and is filled with kiddie-arcade games. oohh yea, the management here SUCKS. They don’t know what the heck they’re doing and the customer service is poor. The manager forgot to give us our food and blamed us for leaving…when we were at the counter the entire time. FU Mr. Mcdonalds manager. You suck at your job!

Whew…and that was only our first full day.


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Trip to Victoria, BC

Whoot! just came back from an overnight trip from Victoria, BC with Khang. Overall, a trip well spent =) We took the Victoria Clipper there and stayed at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa, which provided the friendlies service I could have ask for.

Our hotel. We had to cross the bridge to get to it.

Our room! Although I was super excited about how nice it was..Khang was disappointed.. -___-

We had a HUGEEE balcony with the view of the downtown.

Bruce dropped us off to catch the clipper and we got there right on time to board. The ride there..was ROCKY….. I generally don’t get motion sickness..EVER…the only other time I got motion sickness was when I was in Mexico and was recovering from a night out of drinking/clubbing..and the next morning..we hopped onto a small boat tour bright and early..otherwise…Motion sickness is beyond me..kinda like getting a sun burn 😉 Anyway….the ride was rockier than usual according to the crew and other ppl on board with us. TONS of people got sick… >___<

We got to Victoria on a good time! there was a Blues Festival with stands out for food, the weather was warm, there was a day market, arts festival. and etc etc.
Places we visited:

Pacific Undersea Garden <– WASTE OF MONEY…it’s like..a ton of rock fish…and…1 octopus… and about $12 a person… wth?

This is seriously all you see….there is a tiny 15min show that that introduces different rock fishes and an octopus..but literally..this is it..

Royal BC Museum <– great! typical museum with lots to look at. We also saw: The Ultimate Wave: Tahiti at the Imax there..and it was interesting but i fell asleep like 4 times…at least…

I saw this while walking around downtown……haha jk…the exhibits were awesome!

The 90’s

Craigdarroch Castle <– after 2 tries  on 2 different days of trying to find this place on foot with no map..we finally made it after almost 2 miles of hopeful walking in the rain.. It was definitely worth the visit and to learn the history of it

We made it! This castle is in the middle of the neighborhood. Can you imagine being the neighbor??

I asked Khang to carry my camera bag while I carried the camera since we had walked so far and it was getting heavy…this is his reaction…

We hit up a bunch of good eats too:

Canada candies!

Wharfside Eatery and Deck: Although if you look didn’t get very good reviews..I actually loved it! the food was delicious, I like how the place looks, and the service is super nice =) a bit pricey..but it was basically what we expected.

Khang got the Lobster and steak…he devoured it all.

Frank’s Honeybun Cafe: a small restaurant that does a fusion of American and Chinese for cheap. The lady in there is kinda and works wayyyy too hard. She was handling the front all by herself and also doing some stuff in the back to help the cook out. Simple, cheap and good food.

Nautical Nellies: Deliciouss! the service was amazing and the food (especially the fish and chips) was to die for. This is definitely a place to hit up if you ever go to Victoria. They’re also Ocean Wise!

The ride back was peaceful luckily. Overall…an awesome trip with good sites and eats… besides the rain on Monday that kinda dragged us down.


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Camping 2009

Lake Crescent

Perhaps this is the start of an annual camping trip for me! From Tuesday to Thursday, a crew and I went camping at the Olympic National Park on Fairholm Campgrounds.

The trip was fun as ever and the best part was that there weren’t that many mosquitos there! I came out with less than 10 mosquito bites easily! Oh! and also…Jane and I proved that you can go car-camping and be fully loaded in our small sedan vehicles once again =) Although, we did end up switching to Khangs truck in the end since we can basically only fit 4 ppl and it would be silly to not utilize his truck.  One of the most memorable parts of camping was just like my last camp trip because we had an amazing view of the lake and starry night sky without the worries of city lights =)

Driving to Fairholm campgrounds. You’re looking at Lake Crescent =)

There were tons of highlights to the trip…like Jane swimming all the way to and back from this far away log, Bruce getting together the rescue team, Khang flipping over the canoe, the delicious food,  the drive back in traffic >__< haha, and getting the wrong tent from Anthony (the tent was suppose to hold 6 people..instead..he gave us one that held 2.. lol….) overall though, a successful camping trip!

Picnic near the lake

Near our tents

Summer 2009 ❤

The campers wasn’t REALLY camping, but it was car-camping and I absolutely love it =)


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Rented a car and went out

I was born to drive.  Ever since I got my license when I was 16, I’m often the one to drive, whether it’s with family or friends…why? I’m not really sure, but it just happens to be that way. As long as I’m with good people and a good navigator though, no problemm! Otherwise…if I have a poor navigator..I get fed up pretty quick..probably the best way to test my limited patience..ho ho ho…

Met up with everyone for breakfast and a walk to Hertz =)

So this past weekend, Sandy and I decided to rent a car since we’re so limited with the metro system, and it’s our last weekend in DC.On Saturday, we drove to Virginia to get some good Vietnamese food, then to Leesburg outlet =) I drove, and Sandy was navigator while Carolyn, Annie, and Harvey were in the back. Since none of us are familiar with the road, we were dependent on Sandy’s phone, which had a GPS.

After a 12 hour day of being out and about, we got dinner and headed home. We were about 45 miles out though, and no clue how the roads worked, so we gps’ed the way back, which gave us a short cut! almost cutting our route by half. We followed the directions and then started driving down a dark..creepy small road without any street lights a tons of trees…. >___> there were even racoons and deers crossing…As I went down the windy road, I went to a stop, as we were lead to a road that went into…THE RIVER…AHhahaha I U-turned and we found our way back =)

As for Sunday, only Sandy and I were available, so the two of us made plans to hit up Baltimore and Annapolis. In the end…we only got to see Baltimore since there was a lot to see. The place  VERY diverse. Entering the city…it’s really ghetto, but as you enter the main city, near the habor, the area is fantastic. We went to a great and fantastic crab cake place since Maryland is famous for it’s crabs, then went off to the inner harbor, where we bought tourist things and caught a street show. Sandy and I ended up getting hugged by the man in one of his silly acts. Afterwards, we went to a famous gelato place and roamed some more before we got dinner in Little Italy. We got home around 10pm.Inner Harbor

Fine weather, fun times

I took this photo…while I was stopped at a red light haha

Baltimore is urbanizing vastly

Overall, it was a great weekend. I was nervous at first to drive, since it had been soooo long and the car I was driving was probably twice the size of mine haha. It definitely tested my driving and ability to parallel! I failed at none =) It’ll be sad to leave this place..but… I come!

Jealous? We upgraded and rented a Hyundai lol


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In Good Company

In addition to discovering the club room and all the benefits of it, the weather is also changing for the better. On Saturday we ventured out to the National Cherry Blossom Festival finale and watched the fireworks …which were…lame..but still fun overall.

Last Sunday, as we celebrated Sandy’s birthday, we were able to run around outside for a good portion of the day. It was still ridiculously windy and such, but compared to the past month, this was much more enjoyable.

As for my internship…Besides my crazy- dumb, arrogant director, my internship is quite nice, especially since the people I work with are fantastic and caring, and the other interns and I get along so well. Yesterday was definitely one of the nicer days,  especially considering it was a work day. The including looking up name origins, lunch a Lafayette park (park in front of the White House), getting green tea ice cream in the great weather, watching I Love You Man, and attending a very awkward Young Professionals Networking event.

I only have a few weeks in this program left and it’s freaking me out. Even though I am looking forward to going home and being done with all this busy work, I am having a good time and experience here. I feel like I got a break from my actual life and entered this new life here. Once I come back…I know I will have so much to do and so many responsibilities that I was able to put on hold while being here. I’ve grown quite fond of my lifestyle here, especially since I’m in good company; perhaps it’s one of those love-hate relationships haha.’s Saturday morning. The weather today is suppose to be fanastic =) So I’m going to get some dim sum and enjoy it while it last. Have a good weekend everyone!


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