PB&J: Beach and Photo shoot

My days are jammed packed with fun and amazing activities! Yesterday was so busy that it felt like 2 days! I went out with Janeemebe and Paul to get dinner at Samurai Noodle before heading out to the beach. We roamed around and enjoyed the sunset before Peter and Brian met up with us. When they came, we set up a bonfire and roasted marshmallows … Continue reading PB&J: Beach and Photo shoot

Summer Vacation 08′

>>UPDATE<< Since people seem to be enjoying the photos so much, I’m adding 2 more of the cool jumping photos that Peter took! Scroll down to see! I’ll put an asterisk * next the new ones =D ======================================================= Even though I’ve been hanging out day and night for the past week, today was the first official day of summer vacation. The weather was great, I … Continue reading Summer Vacation 08′

These past few days

Thursday, March 6 After class, Jane and I went to the girls apartment to finish birthday planning. We only intended to stay a little bit but somehow… we didn’t leave until almost 2 AM. On the plus side, we got to officially wish Whit a wonderful birthday at midnight! Although most college kids party it up, we spent the night talking and even playing with … Continue reading These past few days