Getting Older

Last night I went to a punk rock concert with Jane, Khang, my little cousin and her friend. I went because my little cousin wanted to go, so I knew none of the bands. I ended up liking 2/5 of the bands though! haha…. The bands were Shyforshy, The Real You, Madison Drive, Stereo Skyline and the headliner band Danger Radio. I personally enjoyed The … Continue reading Getting Older

Perks of DC

DC is full of activities, events, and museums to attend…and the best part is?? Most of it is free! This past weekend, my roommates and I didn’t do much on Saturday. I cleaned, washed clothes, washed sheets, vacuumed and all that good stuff and then just relaxed, shortly went grocery shopping and went to work out. Well…after a day of sitting around, my roomies and … Continue reading Perks of DC


It has arrived! I rarely ever do this, but I decided to check my mail today, and to my surprise, there was a package for me =) My KENSOSHI CDs came in! I now have KENSOSHI’S 1st Album and their 4th single “Bokuno Mirai” ^^ If you haven’t already, please check out their stuff! Official KENSOSHI site: click >here< To check out the official KENSOSHI … Continue reading KENSOSHI CD

Patterns of sound make music

Although I listen to a variety of music, ranging from The Used to NEWS to Timbaland to Mae. Lately, I prefer listening to softer or poppy music..which is quite the transition from my High School days when all I would listen to was punk/rock etc. What music can’t I stand?… hardcore SCREAMO, most techno and the really thuggish gangSTER rap crap.. -___- ok, perhaps I’m … Continue reading Patterns of sound make music

Jdorama: Last Friends

I’ve noticed that most my recent blogs have been very “Japan” oriented! Whether it’s about my trip there, music,or now drama.. haha o well, here goess! I didn’t end up watching any jdoramas that came out in Winter 2008 beyond 1-3 episodes because nothing really kept my attention. This Spring season though, seems full of a bunch of worth-watching jdoramas! I plan to check out … Continue reading Jdorama: Last Friends


Yep, on my last post I used this photo and the video below too..but it’s all I have of them! “Our voices reaches your heart through the sky…” – KENSOSHI KENSOSHI ケンソウシ is a J-rock/J-pop band that I absolutely adore, even though I’ve only really heard 1 of their songs. Weird? Sort of.. lol But let me explain! First off, although in this photo you … Continue reading KENSOSHI ケンソウシ

Updating-ish on the Japan trip

[UPDATED: scroll down to the youtube music video added] I’m contemplating on whether or not to do a full update on my trip to Japan, mostly because there is too much to cover and I hate leaving things out. Overall the trip was amazing and Emili is a great travel buddy, which I already realized when we did our small trip to Pullman together. Is … Continue reading Updating-ish on the Japan trip