Jdorama: Last Friends

I’ve noticed that most my recent blogs have been very “Japan” oriented! Whether it’s about my trip there, music,or now drama.. haha o well, here goess! I didn’t end up watching any jdoramas that came out in Winter 2008 beyond 1-3 episodes because nothing really kept my attention. This Spring season though, seems full of a bunch of worth-watching jdoramas! I plan to check out … Continue reading Jdorama: Last Friends

Jdorama List: Updated!

UDPATE: Because I wanted to be more organized, I’ve made a separate page for my jdorama. So for a even MORE recent list, please click >Here< ========================== Hey folks! I decided to update my jdorama list from last time, ;it’s quite the list huh? lol but remember, I don’t watch TV or anything else. anyhoo, if you have any question or what not about these, … Continue reading Jdorama List: Updated!

Kurosagi & Tantei Gakuen Q

If you have seen the jdorama Kurosagi, this might be of interests to you! Kurosagi is a drama about a swindler who swindles other swindlers (haha thats a mouth full). Basically, it has a Robin Hood kind of premise to it. I personally really enjoyed it, so I’m definitely looking forward for the movie to come out (March 8, 2008). Below is the movie-music video … Continue reading Kurosagi & Tantei Gakuen Q