Blue and Red Lights

Most people have probably heard this story already if they see me..but..It’s a fun story to tell…unfortunately..there won’t be any photos though, but you’ll understand why after you read the story =D (it’s a bit long…so have fun!) Well, on a random Thursday night, my friends/bro, and I were all was about midnight when Jane decided that we should go get bubble tea! At … Continue reading Blue and Red Lights

Congrats to Mike & Dianne

Just last year, my friends Dianne and Mike got engaged in Hawaii. It’s incredible to think that time has passed by so quickly and their wedding day came by almost by surprise. Last Saturday, the girls had a bachelorette party, and the boys did their bachelor thing. For both sides, I’ve only heard good and clean stories 😉 Yesterday was their actual wedding. With little … Continue reading Congrats to Mike & Dianne

The 4th

Yea… I admit it..I SUCK at keeping up with my blog this year. Trying to balance my time with friends, family and school has taken my time away from the computer besides when I go on to check mail or do homework >____< I haven’t done a movie review in AGES.. I’ll need to get back to that. Well, let’s do a quick update! On … Continue reading The 4th