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DIY: Easy Fix For Lens Creep / Slip

Happy new year everyone!

I have a used Canon EF 24-105mm and one of the issues it had was that the lens kept sliding out from its own weight (and apparently this happens a lot with this model: here’s a link to an example: Lens creep 24-105mm). This made it really annoying when I would hang the camera around my neck (or any time the camera would point upward/downward) because the lens would fully extend (or sink back down) out on its own; this problem is what camera-folk call “Lens Creep.”Apparently this happens to a lot of heavier lenses with zoom from either “wear and tear” over time or some say their lens came straight out of the box this way. If your lens is new and out of the box this way, I’d recommend you return it or contact Canon (or whoever) for a different lens, BUT! if it’s a problem that has developed overtime and you want a cheap fix without going to some fancy-expensive camera shop, then please continue on with this blog 🙂

The example I’ll be using is my Canon 24-105mm Lens, but this will work on any lens! So I’ve seen places recommend rubber bands or using “Lens Bands” which is a company that makes bands specifically for this fix, however, the Lens Bands run around 5-13 bucks if you go on Amazon (which a rip off for what it is) and I didn’t have good enough rubber bands that people were recommending on hand, so I found something that lots of people would already have instead! Just looking at the Band, I realized that all you really needed was a Charity Wristband. I got some, tested the theory and boom! it worked like a charm! plus, this method is super cheap and the money goes to a good cause! Charity Wristbands generally only run $1-2 bucks and you can get them in any color or support a specific cause of your choosing.

3 DIY steps for an easy and cheap fix to Lens Creep / Slip

1) Obtain a Charity Wristbands. Drug stores, sport stores, etc will generally carry these.

Image2) Get your lens, remove the lens hood if you have one (for the fastest way to put the band on with ease), and locate the Zoom Ring.” This is where the band will go around.

Image3) Place the band around the Zoom Ring. This will provide a small amount of needed friction around the zoom ring and prevent further lens creep / slip. (Ensure that the band will fit around the lens. Depending on the size of the lens or the band you have, you may have to get a smaller/bigger one.)

ImageTa daaa! Now your lens will no longer have that annoying creep/slide…hopefully!


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It’s 2011 already

Unbelievable! It’s already 2011. 2010 really did fly by…..the years truly do get faster as you get older it seems.

I hope everyone has a great 2011! and hopefully, everyone spent their new years in amazing ways already! I know I sure did!

On the first day of 2011, I spent it in the mountains, carving my way around on a snowboard =) The snow was PERFECT and

company was amazing. Could I ask for much else on a snowboarding trip or start of a new year? absolutely not! This was also the first snowboarding trip I had with a helmet..and DAMN..that sh*t works! haha. I had a pretty awesome fall near the lift, (where everyone could see me)..but thanks to my awesome helmet (as you can see on the right)….I was barely rocked. Folks..I HIGHLY encourage this helmet thing haha. Why didn’t I use a helmet before?? It would have saved a TON of pain and scary thoughts of if I was going to get a concussion or something… O__o

Anyway.. as for 2011…I should probably set a New Years Resolution…and that will be…blog more =)

Even with my drastic drop of writing blogs this past year, my blog is still getting a ton of views:

(according to wordpress)

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

“This blog was viewed about 34,000 times in 2010. If it were the Taj Mahal, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

In 2010, you wrote 23 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 245 posts.

Your busiest day of the year was December 27th with 351 views.”

So.. to start of the year on my blog, I’d like to thank all of you for reading my blogs! I alwaysss love reading comments and love knowing that my writing has gone far enough to entertain those that follow =)
Thanks everyone, and have a happy new year! 2011…here I come!


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August went by so fast

Unbelievable.. It’s already Sept tomorrow. Where has this year gone? It’s weird not having a summer and being able to just not HAVE to wake up to an alarm now. All grown up I guess..

I told myself to blog more..but I get so caught up in other things…Facebook has ruined me….maybe I’ll take a break from uploading photos and back to’s where I belong anyhow.

This past month has been pretty busy. From birthday dinners to visiting the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace, to attending a wedding.

I’m getting to that age apparently..where tons of people around me are getting married..People are taking the next steps in life now. No more school…and a future to plan.

Congrats to Eric and Kai =)

It’s nice being out of school though…no homework…no studying. Plus, I got lucky with some awesome coworkers. I still have my eye out for new opportunities thought..perhaps a place where I feel challenged…or a place that allows me to feel like I’m working toward something I truly believe in. Probably not until that day comes…I won’t be too satisfied.

Labor day weekend is coming up folks! No work =) at least..for the rest of the world that’s running on a M-F schedule. Enjoy it!


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Get Your Bite On

Every year, we try to go to the Bite of Seattle =) tons of food, good company and excellent weather..can’t get no better! haha

Well…since we have conflicting schedules….2 ppl who work the typical m-f shift..and 2 ppl who work only’s hard to cram in good quality time at big events like this! So….to make sure we could visit The Bite, we came right at opening to enjoy the good food..and man..lemme tell you…I think I will ONLY ever be going to The Bite at 11am from now on. No traffic, easy parking, and small lines….yep. I’m that kinda person.

We arrived early and all left by 12-1:30opm ish…basically when the crowd started rolling in =) perfect right? We get all the fresh food AND cheap, plus close parking!

Most the boys had to get fried gator

Except Matt..who got a brats =)

Pizza Puffs & Curly Fries…did they have those HUGE curly fry baskets this year??

Bruce got so much food…he had his gator…curly fries are his…Russian dumplings, and a crappy-salty pulled corn and desserts…

Frozen yogurt and funnel cake mMmm

I believe I’m missing the photo of but overall, for a short and quick good time at The Bite, we covered a good amount =) Next stop..Taste of Edmonds!


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To the Aquarium!

Overall a good day I’d say. Yesterday, Khang, Whitney and I decided to make a trip to Canada. Our main objectives: the Vancouver Aquarium and food. And damn…did we accomplish it.

We started our morning with a Mcdonald’s breakfast and were on our short trip to Canada. We made it there in good time too, and the best part while we were there was that we were never ever lost =D yay. If you go to Canada…it’s always about quality food right? Especially Asian cuisine, so our first dining spot was getting some DimSum at Dai Tung! It’s one of my favorite places to get DimSum but I’ll have to admit…it wasn’t very good this time. I usually enjoy the food and service a TON more but it just wasn’t cracking today. The food wasn’t up to par and the service was just lacking…o well, at least it wasn’t HORRID. Afterwards, we made our way to Chinatown to pick up pastries and some meats for my mom. Typical Canada trip no?

Soon after, we did the tourist thing and went to the Vancouver Aquarium to enjoy the marine wild life. We had some awesome timing too. We caught the 4-d showing, which was awesome besides the aggressive plastic rod that jabbed us, and then immediately after got to see the dolphin show.

On our way out of Vancouver, we hunted down the infamous  Japadog...a what? I said it! a Japadog! It’s a hot dog with Japanese influence! We found the place pretty easily..just parking sucked..but even the cute little ladies that sold them were native Japanese =D

The rest of our trip was spent at Metro Town mall browsing and purchasing a few goodies. On our way home, we were going to eat in Canada but took a wrong turn.. since it was already late and we were heading the direction of home…we drove home and ate at BCD. Altogether though…another awesome trip to Canada for me.

Next time, we’re going to enjoy the fine Stanley park weather with our bikes, scooters and blades =D


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You gave the plant an owie

Since both Khang and I are unemployed, every Thursday, we head off to Khang’s family’s gas station to help out by lifting and smashing down boxes. We had to make sure things were spick-n-span because the audit lady was suppose to come in the next few days.

Well, after doing our usual routine, Khang’s mom told us that we needed to pick up the fallen advertisement signs on the grass. Khang needed to fill his gas tank so he told me to move his truck and fill it up while he fixed the signs…since I always have to move the truck and such, I told him nope and went to fix the 2 fallen signs myself. I got one up rather quickly… I just picked it up, stabbed it into the ground and stomped on it to make sure it was locked and secure..and voila…the 2nd one wasn’t so easy though.

The 2nd sign was originally posted in a small bush in the ground, so when it had fallen, it uprooted some of the plant, and I couldn’t find a way to stick it in without further harming the plant, so I waited for Khang. He was taking a bit longer since there was a long line at the pumps, but once he got to the pump, he went to help me…but as he approached, some crazy looking, bum-lady waiting in line for gas, pops her head out of her beat up astro-van and says to Khang in a semi-joking manner “why were you just sitting in your car while she did the work!”.. well we laughed it off and then Khang starts to “fix” the fallen sign. I told him I didn’t do it because I didn’t know what to do about the plants…well he said it didn’t matter and just stomped all over the plant and eventually got the sign in.

As Khang was walking off with his goofy smile, the lady speaks out to us and tells us that we gave the plant an owie…and Khang replies, it’s ok! it’s my plant!! hahah……….

Well…since we finished our work, filled Khang’s tank, said bye to his mom as she was listening to the crazy looking lady tell her what Khang did to the plant and drove off…we got a call a few minutes later to find that Khang forgot his coat, so we had to do a huge u-turn around and travel all the way back….

I quickly hopped out of the car to grab the coat and to my surprise..the crazy looking lady was still in the gas station………… she was the auditor…. HAHAhahahahhaa…….the crazy lady again..repeated how Khang gave the plant an owie again, and Khang’s mom, while “laughing along” told her she got docked off points from it…HAHa… -________-

O man…the timing of all this was amazing…

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We need to break in…

With Christmas approaching, Khang and I have been holiday shopping and returning for several days. Today, as we were leaving the house, Khang had to run back inside to check something on the internet, so he took the keys to unlock the house door. I sat in the car waiting and when he came back…he had no keys. O___o

I thought, I’ll probably call someone and hopefully someone could pick me up and bring me to my moms work nearby…but instead, Khang said he could break in. Very boy thing to do yea?


First he tried the downstairs bathroom window…

Then he tried the garage window…

Then we decided my room since I just opened my window earlier that day to air out the dog smell…the difficult part was that he parked his truck RIGHT under my window. lol…awesome huh?

He managed to open it! The biggest problem was gripping it open…how did we do it? We went into his truck to grab his GPS that was on the window and took the suction cup thing and used that to drag the window hahahaa

The weather was cold..and we had been walking all over my lawn…luckily, on his own courtesy, he took off his shoes before entering my room!! haha, I wanted to ask him too, but I didn’t think it would be the appropriate time haha… >__>

If you look closely…his shoe is off lol

(I took these pics while holding the ladder with my phone lol)


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