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Curbside Food Truck – Vietnamese Cuisine on the Fly

Curbside is the latest addition to the food truck craze that is breaking its way into Seattle.

Curbside is a Vietnamese food truck…well, actually it’s a trailer, and it sits stationary at the Shell Gas Station on Nickerson Street and Queen Anne. It’s about a block away from Seattle Pacific University (SPU) and is somewhere between the Fremont and Queen Anne boundaries.

As many in the area know, Curbside sat at the corner of the gas station waiting to open for months. Pending inspections and paperwork, people would constantly go by asking when would it open? Well, after frustrating months of working with inspectors, auditors, crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s, Curbside finally had its grand opening on March 19, 2013.

Since its opening, Curbside has had a warm welcoming into the neighborhood with people showing their excitement to the food trailer and coming back for seconds on the same day. The SPU area has been seriously lacking food, so this was a great change of pace for the locals and students, plus, it’s really affordable. According to most customers, the cost of eating out for them has gone dramatically down! So, after overcoming the difficulties of getting the truck up and running, Khang, the owner, and has been elated with the bustling reception and is constantly excited to meet who’s next in line.

Curbside Contact Info:


3 W Nickerson St
Seattle, WA 98119


The menu consist of:

Appetizers: Spring Rolls, Vegetarian rolls, Salad rolls, & Egg Rolls

Sandwiches/Banh Mi: Chicken, BBQ Pork, Viet Deli Meat, Tofu

Entrees: Rice Combo (bbq pork/sprimp paste -bean curd/Fried egg), Vermicelli noodle, Fried Rice w/ Chicken thigh, and Viet Beef Stew

They take both cash and credit. Their usual hours are 10am-4pm, but are extending to 6pm for now to test the waters since so many customers have gone by requesting an extension of hours.


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Trip to Victoria, BC

Whoot! just came back from an overnight trip from Victoria, BC with Khang. Overall, a trip well spent =) We took the Victoria Clipper there and stayed at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa, which provided the friendlies service I could have ask for.

Our hotel. We had to cross the bridge to get to it.

Our room! Although I was super excited about how nice it was..Khang was disappointed.. -___-

We had a HUGEEE balcony with the view of the downtown.

Bruce dropped us off to catch the clipper and we got there right on time to board. The ride there..was ROCKY….. I generally don’t get motion sickness..EVER…the only other time I got motion sickness was when I was in Mexico and was recovering from a night out of drinking/clubbing..and the next morning..we hopped onto a small boat tour bright and early..otherwise…Motion sickness is beyond me..kinda like getting a sun burn 😉 Anyway….the ride was rockier than usual according to the crew and other ppl on board with us. TONS of people got sick… >___<

We got to Victoria on a good time! there was a Blues Festival with stands out for food, the weather was warm, there was a day market, arts festival. and etc etc.
Places we visited:

Pacific Undersea Garden <– WASTE OF MONEY…it’s like..a ton of rock fish…and…1 octopus… and about $12 a person… wth?

This is seriously all you see….there is a tiny 15min show that that introduces different rock fishes and an octopus..but literally..this is it..

Royal BC Museum <– great! typical museum with lots to look at. We also saw: The Ultimate Wave: Tahiti at the Imax there..and it was interesting but i fell asleep like 4 times…at least…

I saw this while walking around downtown……haha jk…the exhibits were awesome!

The 90’s

Craigdarroch Castle <– after 2 tries  on 2 different days of trying to find this place on foot with no map..we finally made it after almost 2 miles of hopeful walking in the rain.. It was definitely worth the visit and to learn the history of it

We made it! This castle is in the middle of the neighborhood. Can you imagine being the neighbor??

I asked Khang to carry my camera bag while I carried the camera since we had walked so far and it was getting heavy…this is his reaction…

We hit up a bunch of good eats too:

Canada candies!

Wharfside Eatery and Deck: Although if you look didn’t get very good reviews..I actually loved it! the food was delicious, I like how the place looks, and the service is super nice =) a bit pricey..but it was basically what we expected.

Khang got the Lobster and steak…he devoured it all.

Frank’s Honeybun Cafe: a small restaurant that does a fusion of American and Chinese for cheap. The lady in there is kinda and works wayyyy too hard. She was handling the front all by herself and also doing some stuff in the back to help the cook out. Simple, cheap and good food.

Nautical Nellies: Deliciouss! the service was amazing and the food (especially the fish and chips) was to die for. This is definitely a place to hit up if you ever go to Victoria. They’re also Ocean Wise!

The ride back was peaceful luckily. Overall…an awesome trip with good sites and eats… besides the rain on Monday that kinda dragged us down.


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Get Your Bite On

Every year, we try to go to the Bite of Seattle =) tons of food, good company and excellent weather..can’t get no better! haha

Well…since we have conflicting schedules….2 ppl who work the typical m-f shift..and 2 ppl who work only’s hard to cram in good quality time at big events like this! So….to make sure we could visit The Bite, we came right at opening to enjoy the good food..and man..lemme tell you…I think I will ONLY ever be going to The Bite at 11am from now on. No traffic, easy parking, and small lines….yep. I’m that kinda person.

We arrived early and all left by 12-1:30opm ish…basically when the crowd started rolling in =) perfect right? We get all the fresh food AND cheap, plus close parking!

Most the boys had to get fried gator

Except Matt..who got a brats =)

Pizza Puffs & Curly Fries…did they have those HUGE curly fry baskets this year??

Bruce got so much food…he had his gator…curly fries are his…Russian dumplings, and a crappy-salty pulled corn and desserts…

Frozen yogurt and funnel cake mMmm

I believe I’m missing the photo of but overall, for a short and quick good time at The Bite, we covered a good amount =) Next stop..Taste of Edmonds!


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Vietnam Part 2 of 5: Peace House

Here is part 2 of my Summer in Vietnam series! I will apologize ahead of time for this part of the series.. It’s a bit scrambled and super long because it’s impossible to sum up >___<

Peace House in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh

The entrance is behind the curtain and this is our living room.


View from the roof

To the left of the tracks, we would walk on the other side of the fence and turn left into the alley to find our house.

Every morning until 9am, if I peaked my head outside our front door, this lady and the man in the white hat had their little shop open and sold Pho, which a lot of the volunteers would get in the morning for only 10,000 dong (16,800 = $1 USD).

To start off, Janeemebe found the program that we went on for us =D We went through this online website called International Volunteers Headquaters (IVHQ), where we signed up, chose a country, paid a fee, and chose what kind of living situation we wanted to be in; the two choices were either home stay or dorms, and we chose the dorms. (Btw, if you are curious about this IVHQ thing and are considering it, please let me know if you have questions!). After we do all that IVHQ finds us a program in that country, in our case, it was Vietnam; the program was called Volunteers for Peace Vietnam (VPV). From there VPV does the rest of the work and volunteer coordination.

For those that don’t understand what the Peace House was, here goes! The Peace House was the living space for all the international volunteers to stay at. Instead of a dorm though, it was more of a house with 3 floors, and 2 bedrooms on each floor that would accommodate 4 people per room (remember, houses in Vietnam/Asia are more about building upward than horizontally). Jane, Em, and I stayed in 1 room together, sharing it with another volunteer. Not only were the accommodations more that we hoped for, we had a cook come 6 days a week and cook delicious food for us twice a day; she was suppper nice too =D

The Peace House is an amazing place to meet incredible people. Why? because you know those people WANT to be there, paid to be there, and are doing it for a good cause; it’s not like school and such where you run into punks that are full of themselves or are there only because they are forced to. The Peace House was a place where people around the world united to work to better society. People would be rotating in and out of the house often because volunteer increments ranged from 2 weeks to months. What was beautiful was that it was easy to talk to everyone even though everyone was new :]

After we ended our days of volunteering and would return to the Peace House around 4-5pm for dinner, everyone would plan activities together like going to karaoke, bowling, shopping, go to beaches, or even weekend trips with tours and exploring Vietnam. For the most part, everyone was around our ages, which made it even easier to get along. There were people from Australia, England, Ireland, France, Singapore, Canada, and a lot from the USA. Not only were there international volunteers, but also local Vietnamese volunteers and the staff that made the Peace House even more amazing. How often do you get an opportunity to meet people from around the world and do something like this??

Bowling! Bowling alleys in Vietnam are better than the States.

Group of newbies! This was taken at District 1 (which is the foreigner and rich district) during our city tour.

1 of the Karaoke nights

This was taken as a last group photo as Em, Jane and I left the Peace House 😦

Everyone in the Peace House was kind, funny, and thoughtful. The time we spent there was way too short and went by incredibly fast because there was also something to do and someone to talk to everyday (especially since the 3 of us had each other). Departing the Peace House was pretty rough since that meant that our volunteer time and days at the Peace House was over ;__; I will try my hardest to stay in touch with people.


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These past few days

Thursday, March 6

After class, Jane and I went to the girls apartment to finish birthday planning. We only intended to stay a little bit but somehow… we didn’t leave until almost 2 AM. On the plus side, we got to officially wish Whit a wonderful birthday at midnight! Although most college kids party it up, we spent the night talking and even playing with pipe cleaners (thanks to GanGan, the pro pipe cleaner). Jane and I got a good 3 hours of sleep each.

Friday, March 7:

Whit’s birthday! We celebrated by going to eat at Mai Thao, a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown. There were a gang of 14 of us. Dinner was fun and tastey =D Afterwards, we went back to the girls apartment! The night consisted of beer pong, snack runs, a Jack in the Box run and just an overall good time =D And damn, Whitney is a monster for drinking so much! ho ho ho… Jane and I didn’t get home until like 4:20AM. I slept at 4:45Am that night. The car ride home with Jane was HILARIOUS because we were both completely drained and trying to keep random conversations going. (Bottom 2 photos are stolen from Moo).

The Cake
Opening presents
Whitney’s Story Time

Saturday, March 8:

Went bowling with Brian and Jane =D I’m starting to get my bowling groove back! And holy smokes…I can tell Brian is a darn good bowler. Afterwards we picked up Peter and ventured off to catch dinner, where Anthony, Dyan and Matthew joined us. The table seemed segregated though didn’t it? lol When dinner was through, the PB&J^2 crew went to Red Mango, where Brian treated all of us. Thank you! Afterwards, we went to Brian’s house and just hung out playing with all the little toys.

Sunday, March 9:

Jane, Didi and I did our Bunchamuncha’s thing and went to lunch. We chose Pikes Place Market this particular morning. We ate at Piroshky Piroshky and then just roamed Pikes Place, which was absolutely fun. Jane left around 1:30ish and Dianne and I went to Uwajimaya and then to Seattle’s Public Library. The place is funny looking from the outside, but at the same time, nice. The inside isn’t as GRAND as it is made out to be, but still impressive. What is even more impressive is the collection of books they have. I highly intend to go back for 1. taking a better camera for photos and 2. reading old magazine/newspaper articles =D

Pike Place


It’s been a packed few days filled with amazing company :]

(All these photos are from my camera phone unfortunately, so the quality isn’t best. Please do try and enjoy them though!)


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A review with a reply

So, I just signed up to Yelp so that I could put all my restaurant reviews up. The main reason I signed up when I did was to review Mee Sum Pastries, which recently opened up on the Ave. Why was I so intent on rating this place? Well, when I checked the reviews on it, they were all highly regarded, so, I wanted to change that, ho ho ho……

Here’s how my first experience at Mee Sum Pastries went: (lots of you, especially Janeemebe have heard this story, so my apologies to those that find me repetitive!)

After class, Janeemebe and I ventured off to Mee Sum Pastries to get some goodies for everyone to celebrate the Lunar New Year. When we got to the place, we found that the selection was quite limited…as in a selection of about 4-5 different pastries (which didn’t include the essentials such as egg tarts and they only had 1 coconut bun left..what the ef?). Once we finally decided on what to get, Janeemebe ordered first. Everything seemed to be just fine, although I did find the place quite expensive for just a few pastries.

Well, now it was my turn to order; I requested 4-5 pastries plus a Moon cake. A different girl behind the counter helped out the girl taking the order. When she handed me my bag, there were only 2 pastries inside >.> I quickly got that problem resolved but then the girl asked me if I had gotten my cookie yet. Hmmm.. Cookie??? I told her no, and that I had wanted a Moon Cake, not a cookie. This conversation went back in forth as she insisted that I had ordered a cookie, asking things such as “Oh, so you no longer want the cookie?”…I told her no several times and that I had ordered the Moon Cake to begin with!

…Cookie and Moon Cake don’t even rhyme or come close to sounding the same!!! Anyhoo…I paid the difference. Oh and I almost forgot. After I paid, the girl asked me if I wanted my receipt, and I said yes. Immediately after she said “OOPS! I accidentally pressed cancel!” So…Please do not ask me if I want a receipt if you had no intention of handing it to me!!!

Overall, the pastries weren’t bad, but the service and cost of just a few pastries just doesn’t make it worth the trip there. I’ll stick to the places in Chinatown and Canada thank you.

Well, I posted a review, sort of like this one but with less detail on Yelp yesterday evening, and last night I got this message:

Hi my name is Will ****. I’m the owner of Mee Sum in the university district. i’m sorry you had a bad experience at my store recently. I’d definately make sure we do our best to correct our service issues. If its possible i would like to offer you a free gift certificate for a meal at our store, so you can try us again. Please feel free to contact me at ***-***-**** or message back at your convience

Will ****

I checked his profile and he seems pretty legit. Ah, sometimes I make myself laugh.


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Food Review: Mama’s Kitchen & Ocean City

Restaurant Review:
Mama’s Mexican Kitchen
2234 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

Price Range: $5-8
Parking: Street
Waiter Service:Yes
Rating: 3/5

Mama’s Mexican Kitchen is a small, homey Mexican restaurant. There are random decorations everywhere (like Elvis photos) that kind of make it tacky, but at the same time gives a comfortable vibe. Instead of getting a whole meal, I got just an beef enchilada; it was huge and made with moist shredded beef instead of ground beef. The service was friendly but nothing special. Overall, I don’t really have much to say about this place besides mediocre.

To go or not to go: good food but nothing special. If you’re in the area and craving Mexican food in a cozy place, do drop by, but don’t go out of way.

Ocean City Restaurant: Noodle Cafe
609 South Weller St.
Seattle, WA 98104

Price Range: $5-8
Parking: Street and free ground level parking for customers
Waiter Service:Yes
Rating: 4.5/5

Ocean City serves Chinese cuisine and is right next to Uwajimaya. When you go up the stairs to the restaurant, instead of going in the door on the right, which is the fancier restaurant, go to the doors on the left, known as the Noddle Cafe (same company but more casual). I’ve never once been disappointed here and the prices are amazing, especially since the portions are all huge and they are ridiculously generous with meat. For a bowl of noodles with roast duck and 5 pieces of huge wonton, it cost about $5.65 or so before tax. I’ll guarantee that you won’t find that price anywhere else with that much meat and noodles! The chow mein, rice dishes and so forth are just as amazing. This is one of two of my favorite restaurant in Chinatown and it’s open until like 1am or so. The place recently went through some renovation also, so it’s a ton nicer inside than it use to be. O, and the food comes out pretty quick 90% of the time (depending on how busy they are), the only downside I’d say is that it’s quite difficult waving a waiter/waitress down. Plus, since there are mostly window seats, there is a draft! which is horrible in the winter.

To go or not to go: If you like Chinese food (not that Panda Express crap mind you), you HAVE to check this place out. Remember…go in the doors on the left, NOT the right.

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