Frustrations of snow

The snow is coming down like crazy here. I haven’t seen snow like this in my entire life. Some years…it would snow maybe just 2-3 days and only a few inches..but this year…it’s been going a week strong and it’s ridiculously thick. It’s funny to see everyone’s points of view. Everyone in tropical weathered countries and places are saying how lucky we are for having … Continue reading Frustrations of snow

Snowing to no end

This past week has been extremely cold. It snowed Saturday night and the snow hasn’t melted at all since temperatures have been from -8 degrees Celsius to perhaps 0 degrees Celsius at a high. The roads have been extremely icy and difficult to drive on for me….oy..I feel trapped in my house. Since I have no real priorities now that I’m on winter break (and … Continue reading Snowing to no end

Vietnam Part 1 of 5: Vietnam

My trip to Vietnam was absolutely amazing. Words cannot describe what a great experience it was. Even before the trip ended, people were already messaging me and saying “I can’t wait to hear your stories” and the thoughts that ran through my mind were… “It’ll be impossible to tell you any stories.” I didn’t climb mountains or tame lions, instead, I got to spend my … Continue reading Vietnam Part 1 of 5: Vietnam