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How we rescued an amazing Pit Bull named Nola

One night after Khang had gone to a friends house, he came back with a white Pit Bull that was all dirtied up. She had also obviously never been inside before because we had to drag her inside and show her how to use the stairs, and what carpet and linoleum felt like. Apparently, this Pit was running around the streets with no collar on at night, and if anyone knows the stigma about Pit Bulls, you know you don’t want one of these running around town freely. Not because they’re dangerous, but because of societies view on them, which can bring them directly to the pound and put down.

So we take the Pit Bull in and wash her up. Admittedly, I was pretty nervous since I was only use to small dogs, and in comparison to my Dachshunds and Jack Russel, this Pit Bull was mammoth and strong. Fortunately for us though, she is THE sweetest dog in the entire world, and with only good intentions. So apparently, this dog was regularly running around the streets, and when Khangs friend would return it, it would be back out in the streets the next day. The house was also rumored to do some shady business, from drugs to dog fighting, and the friend even saw them catching bunnies to feed the dogs for a “fun” chase. At this point, we were at a lost of what to do…return the dog to the potentially abusive owners, or take it into a shelter…

Our first approach was taking it to a shelter. We contacted place after place after place, but it was impossible to find a shelter that would take in a Pit Bull and at the same time, ensure that it was a no-kill shelter. After a week, we ran into issues that we would be labeled as “dog stealers” since we knew where the dog came from…after much debate and talking to friends, we decided to take the problem head on and drove over to the dogs owner, and by this time we had given the Pit Bull a name…Nola 🙂

Nola’s original tiny cage in the nasty yard with trash. They covered it with cardboard to shield her from rain….She couldn’t even sit up in this cage.

We knocked on the door, and no one answered. After sticking around and being persistent, someone eventually opened the door. Khang told them that we found this dog roaming and how it was all dirtied up, and the owner just didn’t get that they were doing anything wrong. They told us that they kept her in a cage outside with cardboard on top to cover her from the rain (we live in friggin Washington….), and they tried to prevent her from running away, but she just kept leaving on her own…but to get the story straight, you have to realize that Nola kept leaving because even though they had a biggo-wooden fence up, they didn’t have a fence door……….wtf? Anyway, eventually they told us that they wanted to get rid of the dog since they didn’t have time for it! so, we took the opportunity and asked for her and got her signed to us. Without any hesitation, she signed Nola to us, and didn’t even want to see her a last time.

After trying to find her a new home without success, we grew really attached. So now, we have a new addition to our family, and 4th dog. Welcome to our home Nola 🙂 We love you lots. This has definitely opened my eyes about Pit Bulls and I have a new found love of them.



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It’s 2011 already

Unbelievable! It’s already 2011. 2010 really did fly by…..the years truly do get faster as you get older it seems.

I hope everyone has a great 2011! and hopefully, everyone spent their new years in amazing ways already! I know I sure did!

On the first day of 2011, I spent it in the mountains, carving my way around on a snowboard =) The snow was PERFECT and

company was amazing. Could I ask for much else on a snowboarding trip or start of a new year? absolutely not! This was also the first snowboarding trip I had with a helmet..and DAMN..that sh*t works! haha. I had a pretty awesome fall near the lift, (where everyone could see me)..but thanks to my awesome helmet (as you can see on the right)….I was barely rocked. Folks..I HIGHLY encourage this helmet thing haha. Why didn’t I use a helmet before?? It would have saved a TON of pain and scary thoughts of if I was going to get a concussion or something… O__o

Anyway.. as for 2011…I should probably set a New Years Resolution…and that will be…blog more =)

Even with my drastic drop of writing blogs this past year, my blog is still getting a ton of views:

(according to wordpress)

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

“This blog was viewed about 34,000 times in 2010. If it were the Taj Mahal, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

In 2010, you wrote 23 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 245 posts.

Your busiest day of the year was December 27th with 351 views.”

So.. to start of the year on my blog, I’d like to thank all of you for reading my blogs! I alwaysss love reading comments and love knowing that my writing has gone far enough to entertain those that follow =)
Thanks everyone, and have a happy new year! 2011…here I come!


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Get Your Bite On

Every year, we try to go to the Bite of Seattle =) tons of food, good company and excellent weather..can’t get no better! haha

Well…since we have conflicting schedules….2 ppl who work the typical m-f shift..and 2 ppl who work only’s hard to cram in good quality time at big events like this! So….to make sure we could visit The Bite, we came right at opening to enjoy the good food..and man..lemme tell you…I think I will ONLY ever be going to The Bite at 11am from now on. No traffic, easy parking, and small lines….yep. I’m that kinda person.

We arrived early and all left by 12-1:30opm ish…basically when the crowd started rolling in =) perfect right? We get all the fresh food AND cheap, plus close parking!

Most the boys had to get fried gator

Except Matt..who got a brats =)

Pizza Puffs & Curly Fries…did they have those HUGE curly fry baskets this year??

Bruce got so much food…he had his gator…curly fries are his…Russian dumplings, and a crappy-salty pulled corn and desserts…

Frozen yogurt and funnel cake mMmm

I believe I’m missing the photo of but overall, for a short and quick good time at The Bite, we covered a good amount =) Next stop..Taste of Edmonds!


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Fixin’ it up

Fun story. I already told the story the other night, but visual aid is always nice =)


So, right above my head, exactly where I sleep, there is a giant yellow stain. There has been a stain there since I could remember though. When I got back from my DC internship, I remember looking up when I got up from bed and thinking…”wow…looks like it got bigger,” but I thought to myself…eh, I’ve been gone for a few months, I probably just imagined things.

Well..sure enough, I woke up one rainy day and noticed that the stain grew in diameter…so I stood on my bed and touched my ceiling to find it damp…

Khang, Mr.Construction, said he could probably patch it up though! awesome. Problem is…we found that there weren’t any holes on the roof, so Khang investigated the side of the house when we were on the roof, and found a crack. Bingo. Let’s patch it up then! Well…another problem was that the area was VERY difficult to reach since it was between 2 roofs and also the corner edge. Our 20ft ladder was too short as well.. So..instead, we did it the ghetto way.

“Jen, hold on to my legs, and don’t let go” and then Khang was on his way to haphazardly patching up the crack as best as he could from the angle he hung by.

It was a messy job..but it seemed to do the trick. As he continued to patch the crack though, he found that the crack extended, so he needed more leverage. Leverage in which I could not support..SO. My bro came in the picture and held me so that gravity wouldn’t have its way with us.

Surprisingly enough, it worked and no one was harmed =D Thanks Khang for doing that! and Jane for taking pics haha


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Camping 2009

Lake Crescent

Perhaps this is the start of an annual camping trip for me! From Tuesday to Thursday, a crew and I went camping at the Olympic National Park on Fairholm Campgrounds.

The trip was fun as ever and the best part was that there weren’t that many mosquitos there! I came out with less than 10 mosquito bites easily! Oh! and also…Jane and I proved that you can go car-camping and be fully loaded in our small sedan vehicles once again =) Although, we did end up switching to Khangs truck in the end since we can basically only fit 4 ppl and it would be silly to not utilize his truck.  One of the most memorable parts of camping was just like my last camp trip because we had an amazing view of the lake and starry night sky without the worries of city lights =)

Driving to Fairholm campgrounds. You’re looking at Lake Crescent =)

There were tons of highlights to the trip…like Jane swimming all the way to and back from this far away log, Bruce getting together the rescue team, Khang flipping over the canoe, the delicious food,  the drive back in traffic >__< haha, and getting the wrong tent from Anthony (the tent was suppose to hold 6 people..instead..he gave us one that held 2.. lol….) overall though, a successful camping trip!

Picnic near the lake

Near our tents

Summer 2009 ❤

The campers wasn’t REALLY camping, but it was car-camping and I absolutely love it =)


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A quick 4 years

With the exception that I have to do summer school since I got behind a quarter by being in DC for my internship, I am now a college graduate! It’s amazing how fast time flew.

I can vividly remember freshmen year of college and living in the dorms. Dorm life was hectic but it also created an amazing opportunity toward friendships. Sophomore year wasn’t so memorable for some reason… Yet..the year passed by without any hesitation. Junior year was full of 21st birthday parties, playing the game of chess, an internship, and traveling. Then last but not least…my senior year was graced with the opportunity to go to leave my university after 1 quarter and spend a semester in DC trying something new and meeting more amazing people.

I’ve now been back for a month..and just attended commencement and held a  BBQ celebration to follow up. It’s so surreal to think that I will soon be an alumni. College has been so good to me and I will undoubtedly miss it.

Congrats everyone!! 4 quick years =) and we’ve made it!

Sitting together at graduation

Family Support ❤

Friend support ❤

Now I just have to finish up summer school, and it’s all official! Congratulations 2009 graduates!! Also, thank you everyone for all your support throughout the years and for those who came out to my graduation =) Now…on a serious note..who wants to hire me?? lol


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First 2009 Canada Trip

After spending a fun morning with Khang and debating over an overly generous graduation gift he gave me for several hours…sporadically,  my family and I went to Canada this past weekend. After much chaos on deciding if we would go on Saturday or Sunday, my mom and aunt finally made a decision at 5:30pm to leave to meet up and leave by 6pm…..

I ended up driving my aunts van to Canada. It was a full ride too, with my mom, bro, aunt, 2 cousins and my aunts friend. We met up with a bunch of the family and then headed to the Richmond Night Market!

At the Night Market, my bro, little cousin Danielle and I got separated from the large group since we stopped to get bubble tea..but instead of looking for them..we continued through the market in search of delicious food. We basically spent the whole night eating. Originally, we were suppose to go to my cousins house to sleep even though it would be another hour drive, since his place is huge, but with it being midnight already..we dispersed ourselves with our relatives who lived in the area. I ended up sharing a bed with my bro and older cousin in a hot room…I slept in the middle…of..2 snorers.

As for Sunday, family and friends all gathered at a park/beach to have a BBQ. My family is completely crazy. They fight, they yell, they scream, they bullshit, they laugh, they tease, they have fun…etc etc It’s always sporadic and wild with them. Complete chaos that’s entertaining haha

My uncle tried pantsing his friend, my cousins played drinking games, my aunts hustled people for money while playing cards, my family’s friends joking around about getting each other drunk and luring the wife to bed, and it goes on and on… They’re all so young and vibrant at heart.


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