Authoritative Regime

For todays blog, it shall be a history lesson as well as news on present day North Korea. I obviously don’t have a main theme for my my last blogs were what? restaurant reviews, ONE OK ROCK, Dumbledore being gay, etc haha but like the title says.. “My thoughts. My aspirations. My stories. My life” =) Everyone knows that Nazi Party founder Adolf Hitler … Continue reading Authoritative Regime

Hogwarts character out of the closet

If you haven’t heard yet, Albus Dumbledore, fictional character in the Harry Potter series has come out of the closet. If you don’t believe me, check out the article I linked: J.K. Rowling outs Hogwarts character All I have to say is wow… That was very unexpected. And…how was there already fanfiction about Dumbledore and Grindelwald?! Such a relationship would never have crossed my mind. Continue reading Hogwarts character out of the closet


I’m hooked on Harry Potter. I forgot how entranced it was to read the books. Every spare moment I have I want to read the book. Currently, I am rereading book 6 and I think I will finish today or tomorrow. My biggest fear right now is running into a spoiler online or some fool ruining the 7th book for me. I swear my wrath … Continue reading Hooked