Canker Sore – There is hope

Several years ago I wrote a blog on canker sores because my life was miserable with them. There wouldn’t be a day that went by that my mouth wasn’t covered in sores. I’ve had cankers sores so large that they have left little craters in my mouth until this day. No one really knows why people get them and there really isn’t a cure, just medicine that numbs it.

After a lifetime of being frustrated, I started tracking my canker sores to see if there was a pattern, factoring in when I would get them, how long they would last and the location. I quickly realized that my canker sores were directly related to my menstrual cycle. The week before my period, I would start to get new canker sores and then they’d take 2+/- weeks to heal depending on size. This was a cruel cycle of ongoing canker sores every month.

I relayed this pattern to my doctor and was put on birth control which has amazingly regulated my canker sores.  I  got to experience life without some sort of sore in my mouth. There was hope, finally.

Of course, I still get the occasional canker sore and for those, I use a prescribed paste called Triamcinolone Acetonide.  Triamcinolone Acetonide paste is MIRACLE medicine for your canker sores. There is nothing better and more effective. If you’re able to apply this and leave it on your sore overnight, the sore will tone down and go to healing mode.

Birth control and Triamcinolone Acetonide paste have been life changing for me and my canker sore life.

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