How we rescued an amazing Pit Bull named Nola

One night after Khang had gone to a friends house, he came back with a white Pit Bull that was all dirtied up. She had also obviously never been inside before because we had to drag her inside and show her how to use the stairs, and what carpet and linoleum felt like. Apparently, this Pit was running around the streets with no collar on at night, and if anyone knows the stigma about Pit Bulls, you know you don’t want one of these running around town freely. Not because they’re dangerous, but because of societies view on them, which can bring them directly to the pound and put down.

So we take the Pit Bull in and wash her up. Admittedly, I was pretty nervous since I was only use to small dogs, and in comparison to my Dachshunds and Jack Russel, this Pit Bull was mammoth and strong. Fortunately for us though, she is THE sweetest dog in the entire world, and with only good intentions. So apparently, this dog was regularly running around the streets, and when Khangs friend would return it, it would be back out in the streets the next day. The house was also rumored to do some shady business, from drugs to dog fighting, and the friend even saw them catching bunnies to feed the dogs for a “fun” chase. At this point, we were at a lost of what to do…return the dog to the potentially abusive owners, or take it into a shelter…

Our first approach was taking it to a shelter. We contacted place after place after place, but it was impossible to find a shelter that would take in a Pit Bull and at the same time, ensure that it was a no-kill shelter. After a week, we ran into issues that we would be labeled as “dog stealers” since we knew where the dog came from…after much debate and talking to friends, we decided to take the problem head on and drove over to the dogs owner, and by this time we had given the Pit Bull a name…Nola 🙂

Nola’s original tiny cage in the nasty yard with trash. They covered it with cardboard to shield her from rain….She couldn’t even sit up in this cage.

We knocked on the door, and no one answered. After sticking around and being persistent, someone eventually opened the door. Khang told them that we found this dog roaming and how it was all dirtied up, and the owner just didn’t get that they were doing anything wrong. They told us that they kept her in a cage outside with cardboard on top to cover her from the rain (we live in friggin Washington….), and they tried to prevent her from running away, but she just kept leaving on her own…but to get the story straight, you have to realize that Nola kept leaving because even though they had a biggo-wooden fence up, they didn’t have a fence door……….wtf? Anyway, eventually they told us that they wanted to get rid of the dog since they didn’t have time for it! so, we took the opportunity and asked for her and got her signed to us. Without any hesitation, she signed Nola to us, and didn’t even want to see her a last time.

After trying to find her a new home without success, we grew really attached. So now, we have a new addition to our family, and 4th dog. Welcome to our home Nola 🙂 We love you lots. This has definitely opened my eyes about Pit Bulls and I have a new found love of them.

2 thoughts on “How we rescued an amazing Pit Bull named Nola

    1. 🙂 yea, she seems really happy too! it was hard for us to find her a new home, especially since we were so picky of who would take her in since she was a pit bull and we didn’t want her being taken in and taught to be mean, or realize that shes a lot to handle and give her to a shelter…so in the she is haha

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