My photos going public!

Back in the summer of 2009, my friends, bro and bf went camping at Lake Crescent at the Olympic National Park on Fairholm Campgrounds. I remember waking up early one morning while everyone was still asleep and I ventured off to take a few pictures of the lake in the cool morning…

To see other photos I took that day, click on this >link<

A few months back, a guy from a company called Health Enhancement Systems emailed me and asked if he could use my photo of Lake Crescent on his their website, and of course, I said yes, so long as they gave me credit and sent me the final results. I’ve had other newspaper reporters and companies ask to use my photos..but this was one of the few companies to follow through with their word  and send me something back!  here are some screen shots =)

Small shot

My Lake Crescent photo, credits included!

It’s always nice to see that something as simple as a photo that I take, can be appreciated by others and put to good use =)


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