A new year, a new start

Happy Valentines everyone!

Already in our 2nd month of 2011. Only 1.5 months in and so far, so good! Filled with awesome eats, awesome friends, adventures and now…for a new career jump. After much anticipation, I have put my two weeks in at my current place of employment and will be moving on!

Goodbye Microsft Vendor…Hello Boeing! 2011…year of the Rabbit/Cat.. I am looking forward to what else you have to bring.

For those of you on the hunt for a new job, good luck and happy huntings! The market is still rough, but if you dedicate yourself to job hunting , something will come up, even if you have to apply to over 100 places. As always. I believe that in the end…things will always end up OK.

 Look forward to my future posts on job hunting, and also, I am trying to continuously update my blog about scamming companies, so keep your eyes on that and don’t get scammed!

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