Florida Trip: Part 3/5 – More than just theme parks

The last time I went to Florida, I had just finished up 8th grade and went with my mom, dad and bro. Although the trip was fun, I definitely remember a lot of disappointment because we went to the wrong parks. Instead of going to Island of Adventures, we went to Orlando Studios..which lacks rides and is more about shows. And Disney World. It simply sucks. Not only is it expensive, but they divide the park into 4 sections and each one is relatively small, especially in comparison to Island of Adventures and Busch Gardens. Want to visit a Disney park? go to Disney Land!

Although I knew Disney World wouldn’t be as fun, we had to go since Khang had fond memories of it. We chose to go to Hollywood Studios, and to no ones surprise, his childhood dreams were shot down >__< he finally realized he was too old for Disney World lol

Oct. 20th, 2010 – We got up around 7, ate breakfast and then ventured off to Disney World: Hollywood Studios. We first hit up the  Twilight Zone Tower of Terror,which was pretty fun, and then went to get a fast past for Toy Story Midway Mania. since it was such a crazy. Our fast past wasn’t until  12:55-1:55, so we just went around the park until then.

We got to go on the Studio Backlot Tour, check out Journey into Narnia, and roamed the park. To make Hollywood Studios even more lame,  The Star Wars ride was down and the Indiana Jones thing at Disney World wasn’t a ride, but another show. We also killed time watching the Little Mermaid show.. It was cute, but definitely not for us.

Finally! 12:55 hit and we went to the Toy Story Midway Mania ride, which is a interactive ride that allows you to shoot targets. With confidence, when we got on the ride Khang said “get ready to get owned,” but long and behold! I won..BIG time. I was only 10k away from the high score of the day =D

We ended the day by going on the Rock n Roller Coaster. Surprisingly good! I wish it wasn’t as dark as it was though, I hate not expecting turns and having my head jolt back and forth without preparation!

That…was pretty much it though..not much to do. Overall..not a lot to do as Disney World. I don’t think the cost is worth the visit. We were out of Disney world by 2pm, and that’s with us going back and forth in the entire park at least 3-4x…

It was like a childhood memory getting crushed. When we got back, we got a bunch of fliers for stuff to do in Florida and we found Medieval Times. Without must hesitation, Khang got reservations even though I told him we should stay within budget.

Medieval Times  is a dinner and tournament show, and it was AWESOME! When you buy a ticket, you get placed in a section; we got placed in the yellow one, so we hoot-and hollered for the yellow Knight. Our knight was definitely one of the best out there, and I’m totally not being bias.  Dinner consisted of a large piece of tomato soup, garlic bread, roasted chicken, a thing of ribs, half a potato and then an apple turnover. Oh, and no utensils =) this made it hard for photos haha

As for the performance… completely amazing and I love how they get the crowd involved! I heard some people say that this was overpriced and corny, but I found it excellent. It was about $60 a person including tip and tax, with a $10 discount. Not too shabby. This definitely made our Knight 😉


4 thoughts on “Florida Trip: Part 3/5 – More than just theme parks

  1. ah, but, see… i prefer the shows to the rides. i still heart disneyworld… and i like it better than disneyland.. for the entire combination of epcot + mgm + magic kingdom + downtown.

  2. haha dang im tired just reading about your trip^^

    sounds like it was loooads of fun though. yeaa screw disney world being the happiest place on earth. liesss. worst childhood trip ever haha.

    anyway i just caught up on most of your blogs. haha im glad youre finally using your watch again!

    happy halloween!

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