Florida Trip – Part 2/5: Riding the top rollercoasters

It was only the 2nd full day of our trip and our feet were already feeling the burn.
Oct. 19th, 2010 – We went to Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. It was about 1.5hr away from Orlando, but we had a feeling it would be worth it, and by golly..we had the time of our lives =)

After experiencing Island of Adventures, we had a game plan with all the stuff we had. We brought my little bag in first, with minimal stuff and kept it in the locker. From there, we hit up all the roller coasters in the morning, and in the afternoon, we would go back to our car for food we brought, then pack up khang’s backpack and go to shows and other attractions with my big camera, leaving my bag in the car.

We rode some of the BEST roller coasters Florida had to offer.

Sheikra: the first roller coaster to have a 90-degree vertical drop. I hella didn’t want to do this one..but do I ever get out of anything with Khang? haha it wasn’t AS bad as I thought it would be in the end though.

90 Degrees…down.

– Stanley Galls Flume: a log flume ride that got us drenched

– Tanganyika Tidal Wave: a log ride with a big drop, but in comparison to other rides, quite peaceful haha

Kumba: a roller coaster with a 143ft drop and 7 inversions…SOO fun

Congo River Rapids: a ride that simulates raging whitewater rapids and keeps you in anticipation, as you try not to get soaked..I had to ring out my socks twice after this…so ridiculous.

Montu: is a 150-foot (46 m) steel inverted Bolliger & Mabillard roller coaster with seven inversions.

Gwazi – a dueling wooden roller coaster. Fun but this rattles my head WAY too much..and the thing does not look stable.

Beyond big roller coasters, we also took the Express train around the park and went to a Pirates 4-D show!

That’s not all though!

Feeding the Kangaroos!

Petting the Kangaroos =)

Busch Gardens is more than just rides though, we got to experience playing and feeding adorable Kangaroos and also go on 30-40min Safari Ride called the Serengeti Safari, which put us in a open-truck ride and  we got to feed Giraffes and see a bunch of other animals up close! We had to pay extra for this, but totally worth it. Overall, Busch Gardens was definitely one of the best parks around. We spent the ENTIRE day there, from open to close and didn’t even see everything that we wanted to see. AND! we went off season, so even though there were still tons of people around to have fun, there weren’t any real lines to wait for the roller coasters. Busch Gardens is HUGE and loads of fun. Great for people of all ages! I want to bring my mommie here =)

Of course…our days don’t end with just going to parks though. We left Busch Gardens around 6 and got back to our Hotel around 7:30-8. After we cleaned up, we went out for ice cream at this awesome little place called Twistie Treats near our hotel. The place is great and cheap! Definitely hit up this place if you get a chance.

Right after ice cream, Khang and I went to feed baby alligators and then mini-golfing at Congo River Golf! Mini-golfing in Florida is AWESOME. The courses are HUGE. The only problem is if it’s crowded and there are big groups, because you get stuck waiting.

Still 3 more days to go! I thought I could cram multiple days in 1 post..but…impossible. It’d be way too long. haha


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