Florida Trip – Part 1/5: Making the best of my days in Florida

Whew…tiringgg trip..but sooo good. As a present for Khang’s birthday, we went on a trip to Florida and hit up all the hot spots! Our mission: Utilize all the time we had there, check out the major theme parks, and drink up The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Island of Adventures in Universal Studios. And damn..we accomplished just that.

Disney Downtown

Oct. 17th, 2010 – We landed at 4:30pm ish, got our car and found our hotel room by 6ish. After dropping things off, we headed straight to Downtown Disney. Although Khang had been to downtown Disney before, I hadn’t, so I didn’t know what to expect! It was definitely a lot of fun, I love the atmosphere and weather. We roamed around and went into all the neat stores, then ate at Paradiso 37. Decently priced, delicious food and awesome music =) We originally wanted to hit up Quest Disney this day, but by the time we came back to it, there was only an hour left, so we pushed it off and went to get some Ghiradelli ice cream instead.. Mmmm.

Oct. 18th, 2010 – Woke up at 6:00am…completely dark outside. Our place provided a breakfast buffet at 6:30am and we were there at 6:30am sharp! We ate and were quickly off to Orlando Studios: Island of Adventures…particularly, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! With the package I purchased, we got a 2-day pass to Orlando Studios with a 1-hour early admission! We arrived around 7ish, found parking, and stood in line at 7:30, and when the early gates opened at 8, we ran to Harry Potter World. We didn’t know which way to go..but all we had to do was follow the crowd =)


I LOVE Harry Potter World. They did such an amazing job with everything, from aesthetics, to how everyone dressed, to how the workers acted and insisted on calling us Muggles -___- . The first thing we did was ride  the “Forbidden Journey.” I don’t want to ruin it for everyone, but it was definitely amazing if you’re a fan. Before hopping on the simulator-type ride, you get to walk through the Castle, which is full of things to look at and listen to. For people that are prone to motion-sickness…I’m warning you…this ride might not be for you! Oh! and after some research, I learned that  2 out of 3 of the rides at Harry Potter World are just rides that were converted over from The Lost Continent (another section of Island of Adventures). One was the Dragon Challenge , which was fun but it did make Khang a bit dizzy haha, and the second was the Flight of the Hippogriff…it’s cool because you get to see Hagrids hut…and a hippogriff..but the ride is definitely one for the kiddies. Oh! and check out Ollivanders wand shop! The line is ridiculous..and although the show is SHORT…It’s pretty cute =)

We also got a complimentary breakfast at 3- Broom Sticks with the package too and..man..lemme tell you, it’s awesome to go up to the 3-Broom Sticks and have your name on a special list there haha. And what’s even better..is that we got 2 glasses of butterbeer for free with our breakfast there =D

Butterbeer: Cold version

And at last! details on butterbeer! So Khang and I went to the Island of Adventures twice..once on Monday, and the other on Friday. On the first day there, we got the Cold version..but that’s because that was all that was offered to us. On the final day, they had the frozen kind (slushy-like) and also another Cold one. We both fully agree that the cold one is WAYYY better. Why? The Cold version is like drinking a Coke…and then when you try the Frozen Butterbeer version, it’s like trying the slushy version of Coke..a bit water-downed and no carbonation. Don’t get me wrong, the frozen one is still good! but..overall…Cold Butterbeer FTW!

The only downside…was that Harry Potter World was TINY. From entrance to exit..if I walked without stopping, I could probably walk through it in 5-10minutes… >___< Otherwise though…I love the place =)

Of course, Khang and I ventured off to all of the other portions of Island of Adventures and hit up all of the big rides, like  Incredible Hulk roller coaster, The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man : a 3-D simulator ride,  Doctor Dooms Fearfall, a ride that brings you up high and drops you back down, and Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Fall, similar to Splash Mountain..but..you get…completely SOAKED. The Hulk definitely took the cake on best roller coaster at Island of Adventures. We also dropped by Suess Landing and went on the rides there, and watched a show at The Lost Continent called Poseidon’s Fury.

We left the park near closing and went back to our Hotel to clean up…but of course, the night didn’t end there! We went back to Disney Downtown, and went to Quest Disney, a 4-story arcade that has a bunch of interactive games. If you go at a later time, generally 7:30-8pm and after, it’s half price! Some of the games were loads of fun, like the interactive one with Pirates, the bumper cars that shoot, and the retro arcade section, but overall, your typical giant arcade. We left at closing, after spending about 2-3 hours there, trying to get our moneys worth haha.

…and wait! there’s more! before ending the night, we went to the largest McDonald’s! or so, it claims haha. With a huge menu that has the normal stuff, plus pizza’s, sandwiches, enchiladas, and etc. The second floor doesn’t allow food and is filled with kiddie-arcade games. oohh yea, the management here SUCKS. They don’t know what the heck they’re doing and the customer service is poor. The manager forgot to give us our food and blamed us for leaving…when we were at the counter the entire time. FU Mr. Mcdonalds manager. You suck at your job!

Whew…and that was only our first full day.


4 thoughts on “Florida Trip – Part 1/5: Making the best of my days in Florida

  1. The first half of your trip sounds so much fun! I’ve been to Orlando before and it totally brings me back to my trip way back in ’04! Of course they didn’t have HP World. So Jealous! What a great gf to give such a nice present to your boy. He is one lucky man!

    1. ooo 04′? that’s “relatively” recently..but you gotta go back now! HP world is tiny…but seriously..you gotta check it out if you love HP… =)

    1. A theme park tour of the world..that sounds SOO intense. I duno if I can handle that lol Florida definitely has some of the best rides though, especially at Busch Gardens!

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