My Desire..HTC style

The new addition to my electronic family is my new G2, the HTC Desire Z. After roughly 4 years of using my Sony Ericsson k800i, my brother thought it was about time I join the Smart Phone generation.

My K800i has treated me  o-so- very well though. The camera (and technology in general) in it is amazing, especially for its time, and it’s down right durable. It’s been through so many drops and bangs, that it is amazing that it’s still going strong without anything beside some scratches. The only thing I ever needed to do was buy a new battery for it after 3 years of using it. Don’t get me wrong though…my k800i is only going into semi-retirement. Why? well…since I got it as an unlocked phone and it’s quad-band, I can still use it out of the country =)

As for this smart  phone bit. I’ve been against it because I never wanted to pay for a data plan and also didn’t want to be so dependent on its’ convenience. I know I can live without it ..but now that I have it.. I probably won’t ever be able to go back. Plus…most smart phones, I never really liked or found as user friendly as this one. I HATE touch screens…it’s like I had sausage fingers or something..but for some reason..this phone was a perfect fit. Thanks Bruce!

So hello G2, and goodbye for now K800i.

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