Harujuku Watch Instructions

Sometime around this time last year, I received a gift card from Meesha to Nordstrom’s and I found a watch I really wanted. Well,  with the gift card, I went to buy the watch and Khang shoved me out of the way to pay and here I am today, with a birthday present from 2  people.

I got the watch and was excited to wear it! problem was…there weren’t any instructions on how to use it. I thought it was no biggie though, I usually tinker with things and figure it out..plus..I hate reading instructions…well…long and behold, I never figured it out..no one else seemed able to either…besides Jane and Matt did after a while of tinkering… >___< well with time changes and never really seeing those 2 people…I stopped wearing my watch once I left Beijing in Dec. 09 because Jane wasn’t here to change the time.

Recently..I really wanted to wear it again…but it seems dumb to wear a watch when it didn’t tell time…so finally…I found some vague instructions online from other people that struggled with this problem! So, for others that have this problem, here are so clear instructions:

My Harujuku watch. Not the best photo..but I’m in a rush =)

Instructions for Harujuku Watch:

1) Press green button until you find “time”
2) In “time” hold the blue button until it says “LIGHT OFF”
3) Let go of the blue button
4) Navigate through options with the green button
– Options that can be rotated through (and also in this order are):
a) Chime
b) 12-Hr/24-Hr
c) Hour
d) Minute
e) Second
f) Year
g) MO-Day (Day of the month)
h) Month
5) Change settings by using red and blue button. Once settings are completed in
one of the (a-i) options, use green button to exit and move to next option that needs to be completed
6) Once all settings are set appropriately, use blue button to exit all



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