Trip to Victoria, BC

Whoot! just came back from an overnight trip from Victoria, BC with Khang. Overall, a trip well spent =) We took the Victoria Clipper there and stayed at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa, which provided the friendlies service I could have ask for.

Our hotel. We had to cross the bridge to get to it.

Our room! Although I was super excited about how nice it was..Khang was disappointed.. -___-

We had a HUGEEE balcony with the view of the downtown.

Bruce dropped us off to catch the clipper and we got there right on time to board. The ride there..was ROCKY….. I generally don’t get motion sickness..EVER…the only other time I got motion sickness was when I was in Mexico and was recovering from a night out of drinking/clubbing..and the next morning..we hopped onto a small boat tour bright and early..otherwise…Motion sickness is beyond me..kinda like getting a sun burn 😉 Anyway….the ride was rockier than usual according to the crew and other ppl on board with us. TONS of people got sick… >___<

We got to Victoria on a good time! there was a Blues Festival with stands out for food, the weather was warm, there was a day market, arts festival. and etc etc.
Places we visited:

Pacific Undersea Garden <– WASTE OF MONEY…it’s like..a ton of rock fish…and…1 octopus… and about $12 a person… wth?

This is seriously all you see….there is a tiny 15min show that that introduces different rock fishes and an octopus..but literally..this is it..

Royal BC Museum <– great! typical museum with lots to look at. We also saw: The Ultimate Wave: Tahiti at the Imax there..and it was interesting but i fell asleep like 4 times…at least…

I saw this while walking around downtown……haha jk…the exhibits were awesome!

The 90’s

Craigdarroch Castle <– after 2 tries  on 2 different days of trying to find this place on foot with no map..we finally made it after almost 2 miles of hopeful walking in the rain.. It was definitely worth the visit and to learn the history of it

We made it! This castle is in the middle of the neighborhood. Can you imagine being the neighbor??

I asked Khang to carry my camera bag while I carried the camera since we had walked so far and it was getting heavy…this is his reaction…

We hit up a bunch of good eats too:

Canada candies!

Wharfside Eatery and Deck: Although if you look didn’t get very good reviews..I actually loved it! the food was delicious, I like how the place looks, and the service is super nice =) a bit pricey..but it was basically what we expected.

Khang got the Lobster and steak…he devoured it all.

Frank’s Honeybun Cafe: a small restaurant that does a fusion of American and Chinese for cheap. The lady in there is kinda and works wayyyy too hard. She was handling the front all by herself and also doing some stuff in the back to help the cook out. Simple, cheap and good food.

Nautical Nellies: Deliciouss! the service was amazing and the food (especially the fish and chips) was to die for. This is definitely a place to hit up if you ever go to Victoria. They’re also Ocean Wise!

The ride back was peaceful luckily. Overall…an awesome trip with good sites and eats… besides the rain on Monday that kinda dragged us down.

7 thoughts on “Trip to Victoria, BC

  1. Whoa, nice recap. Couple of thoughts:
    – That hotel room is huge!
    – I hate you just a little bit more for that sun burn comment ><
    – That castle looks awesome!
    – Lobster and stake? Really? (I'm surprised it was on the menu, not that Khang ordered it)

  2. omg your hotel looked amazing, i can’t believe Khang was disappointed! it sounds like you guys had lots of fun…even with all the walking =)

  3. looks like a fun time! i’m going to canada for the wkd next week and can’t wait. if i’m not lazy, i’ll try to put up a post like this 🙂

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