August went by so fast

Unbelievable.. It’s already Sept tomorrow. Where has this year gone? It’s weird not having a summer and being able to just not HAVE to wake up to an alarm now. All grown up I guess..

I told myself to blog more..but I get so caught up in other things…Facebook has ruined me….maybe I’ll take a break from uploading photos and back to’s where I belong anyhow.

This past month has been pretty busy. From birthday dinners to visiting the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace, to attending a wedding.

I’m getting to that age apparently..where tons of people around me are getting married..People are taking the next steps in life now. No more school…and a future to plan.

Congrats to Eric and Kai =)

It’s nice being out of school though…no homework…no studying. Plus, I got lucky with some awesome coworkers. I still have my eye out for new opportunities thought..perhaps a place where I feel challenged…or a place that allows me to feel like I’m working toward something I truly believe in. Probably not until that day comes…I won’t be too satisfied.

Labor day weekend is coming up folks! No work =) at least..for the rest of the world that’s running on a M-F schedule. Enjoy it!


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