Bad Batch of Toyota’s

So…I found out the hard way… apparently there is a technical service bulletin reference for Toyota Corolla’s and Matrix within the years 2005-2007..the Electronic Control Module (ECM) seems to be faulty… now, I bet you’re wondering what a ECM is..WELL… it’s basically a computer in your car that signals the senors in the car and sends signals to various switches to make your car run properly..nothing too important right?? -___-

…Jfo has a 2006 one decided to inform her that she bought a car with issues that would create a LOT of trouble..

F you Toyota.  I use to love Toyota’s but damn…I’m feeling the hate.

So drove to work with no problems at all today….when I left work..I got off work a little earlier than usual and was really excited too! since it was a Friday and all nice out…I thought I would just go home early and have a good day… but nope…not even close.

I got in my car and everything was working fine…but about a mile out, my car felt like it was losing power…the transmission was all weird…and all of a died in the middle of the road..THANK GOODNESS no one was behind me..I tried restarting it..but it took a bit..and even though it turned on..when I pressed on the gas..nothing would happen. I ended up having to pull to the side and calling Khang. Sometimes my car would turn on..sometimes it wouldn’t..sometimes when it WOULD turn would turn off on it’s own 10 seconds later..

I eventually got it going again and started driving a further..I was scared as HELL and had to pull off the road every now and then to not block traffic..but I wanted to get closer to the freeway exit since I was in an inconvenient location and I still had hope that it would “get over” whatever problem it was having…so that perhaps I could at LEAST handle it at home…

After MUCH struggle…several phone calls…and getting useless help from O’Reilly’s and my Toyotal car dealership.. Khang came to my rescue and lucky me, he had AAA, so they towed my car to the nearest Toyota dealership, which was less than 5 miles away.

Everyone I talked to at the dealership knew of this guy said it happened to around 1 out of every 100 Corolla’s….but yet..why didn’t I get informed early on?? instead of being stuck 20miles away from home, feeling helpless??? F**K YOU TOYOTA. F**K YOU. I literally just went and got a car tune up for $425 bucks last month with a fresh oil change and all..since my car HAPPENS to be one of the ones in the unlucky-bad-batch of cars with faulty ECM’s..why not just fix it BEFORE it becomes a problem and leaving people stranded..wondering wtf is wrong and how much money am I going to need to dish out now?? car is currently at the dealership waiting to be serviced…for legality purposes since THEY haven’t diagnosed the car..they said I COULD have to pay fees..but MOST likely, it’s the ECM, and Toyota will cover it… ugh.

oy…but….after this whole ordeal…the day turned out better once the car was at the dealership and off of my hands.. Thanks Khang for everything and the rescue!

Oh! and I’m obviously not the only one who complains about this, check out these forums where other people have complained about the issue by clicking >here< and >here<


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