Movie Review: Madeo/Mother


Mother is a movie about a single mother and her 27-year old son, Do-Joon, who seems to have some type of mental disorder and a very forgetful memory. Their family is not well off and his mother is constantly in anxiety watching over Do-Joon who tends to get into trouble with his naive and foolish ways. The story starts getting complex when Do-Joon was walking home one night after drinking and follows a girl. After that night, the girl is murdered and with all evidence leaning toward Do-Joon, the cops close the case quickly after tricking him into signing a piece of paper that says  he admitted to killing the girl. With disbelief, the mother begins to search for the true killer to prove her sons innocence.


Mother is a movie of suspense and drama as a mother tries to prove her special son’s innocence in a murder case. Director Bong Joon Ho does an excellent job of keeping you wondering where the movie will go with every turn and who to trust. There are some odd quirks in the movie that make you laugh in an awkward way, but overall, a pretty serious movie that keeps you on your toes. The characters are well developed and for me…I became rather frustrated with them as their personalities were so deep in their crazy-psychotic ways (you’ll get this if you watch this). This movie got rave reviews from EVERYONE..and I’ll admit that it was a well done movie in many aspects but it definitely wasn’t a winner for me. There were a bunch of loose ends in it and some of it wasn’t sown together very well.. so overall, it’s an ok movie. It keeps you attentive and wanting to watch more, but the story could use some work…and it definitely doesn’t leave you on a high note.

My rating: 6/10
Should you watch it? You’ll be interested and wanting to watch more..but in the end, I don’t think it’s really worth it. I realize that every review on this movie has been high, but maybe this just isn’t my type of movie. If you enjoy drama and a few twists and bends, without the happy ending..jump on board..but I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

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