Get Your Bite On

Every year, we try to go to the Bite of Seattle =) tons of food, good company and excellent weather..can’t get no better! haha

Well…since we have conflicting schedules….2 ppl who work the typical m-f shift..and 2 ppl who work only’s hard to cram in good quality time at big events like this! So….to make sure we could visit The Bite, we came right at opening to enjoy the good food..and man..lemme tell you…I think I will ONLY ever be going to The Bite at 11am from now on. No traffic, easy parking, and small lines….yep. I’m that kinda person.

We arrived early and all left by 12-1:30opm ish…basically when the crowd started rolling in =) perfect right? We get all the fresh food AND cheap, plus close parking!

Most the boys had to get fried gator

Except Matt..who got a brats =)

Pizza Puffs & Curly Fries…did they have those HUGE curly fry baskets this year??

Bruce got so much food…he had his gator…curly fries are his…Russian dumplings, and a crappy-salty pulled corn and desserts…

Frozen yogurt and funnel cake mMmm

I believe I’m missing the photo of but overall, for a short and quick good time at The Bite, we covered a good amount =) Next stop..Taste of Edmonds!


2 thoughts on “Get Your Bite On

  1. The food looks delish! I ended up not going to the Bite this year..sooo disappointed cause it looked like fun! Glad to hear you had a good time though 🙂

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