It’s official. I’m FT.

I would have never guessed where I would end up after I graduated from college, but I definitely can’t complain. Sometimes I wondered if I would be traveling the world, stuck unemployed, or at some dead beat job, but here I am, after 1.5-2months of job searching, and getting a random call from a company that works for Microsoft, I got a contract for 3 months, and 2 months in, I was offered full time. As of last Monday, I started my full-time rate =)
I get benefits! I haven’t had benefits since I was a junior in high school! I haven’t had my vision checked since middle school or high school either. Time for some check ups! wish me luck O___O

When I graduated last August, and after my return from Beijing…I was pretty lost of what to do. What kind of job COULD I get? what kind of job would pay well? Well…turns out there weren’t many options and although I set an ideal salary for myself, I ended up sucking it up on my job hunt and saying that I would start low and gain experience.

Well….things always turn out better in the end right? I some how lucked out and got a position with a company that paid my ideal rate for straight out of college. It seemed almost impossible, but it looks like someone’s got my back =)

so…it’s official. Jfo is employed full-time. I still have some debts to get rid of, and although my work place isn’t moving to an ideal situation, I’ll take what I can get and move on when the time is right!



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11 responses to “It’s official. I’m FT.

  1. Meesha

    yay! ok, now that you’re set, help me find something =P

  2. Symons

    Whoa, congrats!

  3. Anthony

    😀 🙂 😉

    I haven’t talked to you in forever! So glad to read the good news (even though you told me :P)

  4. lillytran

    congrats! i know you told me about this but it makes me happy to read it in your blog!

  5. Meesha

    love my first comment and now i’m getting a new job! yay us!

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