Scamming Companies for New Hires

*** LAST UPDATED: July 13, 2010 ***


Like thousands, and probably millions out there, I’m one of those people that am always on the hunt to find a job. Fortunately for me, I did get employed somewhere, but I still like to keep my eyes opened for new opportunities.

For those on the hunt! I am going to list a few of scamming companies that I have researched to help others avoid being scammed….so before you hop on board with some company that picked you up quickly after you submitted your resume, be sure to do research on your own so you know the facts!…lots of these companies are just trying to take advantage of the unemployed and desperate.

Scamming companies hiring:

10 Inc (or formally known as Dynamic Balance just a few months ago)  – A fake pyramid marketing company. You’ll get a call almost immediately to set up an interview…you’ll be doing crap sales, and you’ll soon learn that you’ll be investing your own money least thats what the reviews said. I did get a quick email back from them that was vague..but for sure, it’s a scamming company. Click >here< and >here< for more detailed description of peoples complaints about the scam…PLUS, this is the 3rd time they’ve changed their company name, but under the same ownership..shady right? I thought it was weird that I couldn’t find Dynamic Balance…but when I ran into 10 Inc, I knew it had to be the same one..the new website is VERY similar to their previous one. Stupid scammers.

Cyber Group Inc: I posted my information on careerbuilder and they were quick to contact me. Their email is made to sound like the perfect job!

“A few words about us: a large company with a good reputation is finally expanding and looking for new representatives in the USA.Two to three hours a day performing your duties from your home over the Internet is all that is required for this position.”

And they also provide training! Oh and

“our salary during the training period will be $2,300 per month plus 8% commission from each transaction. Total income, with the current volume of clients, will be about $4,500 per month. After the training period, your base salary will increas to $3,000 per month, plus 8% commission.”

But…never in the email does it say WHAT the job entails or ANYTHING along those lines…just vague and ambiguous so that it sounds like the ideal job….but try to look for this company elsewhere but its’ own website, and you’ll get nothing… I haven’t found much on this site besides one site saying it’s an actual scamming site…but if you take my opinion..don’t waste your time…it might not be worth >here< for the site that says it’s a scam.

Insight Global:  A staffing agency that treats your poorly and probably bases everything off commission…you won’t gain anything traits from this. Check out RipOffReports for reviewers about this company by clicking >here<

First Investor: Similar to Metlife, this company is for desperate people that need a job straight out of college. From the reviews..and there are TONS of reviews on First Investors being a scam, they say: “You need to build your clientele, your salary is based on 100% commission” and “No benefits. You pay 100% out of pocket for them. You have to pay for your own initial training.They are really shady when you apply for the job. There are many key things they leave out until you sign the paper and hand over your check. Things like you arent an employee, you are an independent contractor. The monthly stipend you take is a draw, it counts against future earnings.” Click >here<  and >here< for more details

Lionheart Assurance Solutions ( <– the link I used for this site is the one I received via email from them trying to set up an interview and wanted me to fill out a survey):  I’m not sureee about this company, but when I posted my resume for public review on a site, they were quick to respond..when I looked them up, there were TONS of accusations on them..lots of them being about a pyramid scheme. Click >here< and >here< to read more about the complaints!

JobbingTree: So..I’m unsure of this one..but all signs point to SCAM. I can’t find anything concrete on the company besides the website…there are lot’s of people questioning if it’s legit or not..but for a safer bet..I wouldn’t stick with this company…too many bad signs. I’ll look into it more..but I doubt it’s anything but a scam. This is the link they gave me to apple >here<

MetLife: Financial Advisor-  It’s not a TOTAL scam..but I think it is..and in desperate times..there is always people willing to work..even if its not ideal. To be in this position, you have to dish your own money out to get certified…and you also have to provide your own office get reimbursed for your certificates if you stay on for a certain amount of time tho.  You get commission based on how many insurance things you sell too.  More than 90% people quit after the first year…Sounds like crap to me.. for more insight, click >here<

Alright…I know there are more..but I lost my train of thought. I’ll add to this as they come. Hope this helps people =)


20 thoughts on “Scamming Companies for New Hires

  1. Thanks for posting scamming companies. Out of this one is quite famous for financial aid. Once you trapped in fishy scandal first you loose your confidence. For the reason spread such message and be aware always.

  2. Thanks for the list! Quick note:
    Any place that requires a certificate will probably make people get it on their own before they are hired (once they are on the payroll it’s a different story though).

    Oh and getting commission based on how much insurance you sell? I think that’s pretty much *all* insurance places :S

  3. symons:
    yea! either…you’re already going to have that certificate..OR…your company will pay for it. I’m not shooting money out to be there! it’s the other way around!

    there are def tons more companies…i cant remember em tho >__<

    1. Ouch!! I logged onto my email this morning and I thought I was contacted by a job that I applied to. I was sooo excited (and stupid!!) that I saw ‘jobbingtree’ and thought: ‘well, they must work through this site’. NOT!! I was led into all sorts of channels to submit my info, and it led to a brick wall. They may, or may not be legit, but they surely misrepresented themselves to me and I am back to where I began.
      BTW: I had discovered my personal info on a google website ( that must have been gleaned from a former job that I had. It states that I have my own business!! I am just waiting to the I.R.S. to get a hold of this baloney. Thanks to all you go-getters out there, you are making it hard to believe ANYTHING on the internet.

    1. I’ll definitely look into these! I have a list I’ve been adding on to, just haven’t had the chance to update due to my laziness…

  4. Oh no, another asshole company taking advantage of those looking for watch our for Bankers Life and Casualty Company too

  5. Lucky ME, I rec’d email from Jobbing Tree and AFLAC in the same day! Seriously though, I read Jobbing Tree and the wording seemed off, tip 1, they offered way to much money for this position tip 2, by now my spidey sense is tingling.

    Here’s my question…..TO WHAT END are the “fake” job offerings and web sites? What do they get out of it? Do they use our info off resumes? If so how? If anyone has anwers Please let me know.

    1. I have found out…the hard way. Lurking “critters” 4 of them in my software. I did an indept security scan and shazam! There they were. I did the scan because my 6th sense got the better of me.

      BE CAREFUL !

  6. Thanks for this information! I just received an email from jobbingtree, and fortunately my laptop is set up to let me know if there are any websites with poor reputations. This one was one of them. I swear I get more scam emails about jobs than actual interviews!!!
    I agree about Bankers Life.

  7. Thank you so much for the list and all the comments. I just posted my resume on career builder and received all thouse emails, almost everyday. I acutally went to Jobbingtree website and almost applly/ register to the job they mentioned to me. But some how my sense tells me that I should do some research about this before jump on it. Again, thank you for all useful info and comments.

  8. Jfo- Do you have a job yet? Also, did you even go and interview with ANY of these companies or are you just basing all of this off other people’s opinion? If so, you should check out what people say about Wal Mart on Rip Off Report because according to your logic you shouldn’t shop there or involve yourself with any major company if you take other people’s opinions as fact. Just because something is on the internet…doesn’t mean it is true. You should try going out from behind the comfort of your computer screen and work a real job. Ask someone in their 70’s and older about what they did for work. I’d put money down that they worked harder than you will ever imagine. You and people like you putting filth out there like this are a BIG part of what is wrong with our economy. There are jobs, people (like you) are just too lazy to work hard and make their own money. I hope you enjoy being mediocre because with an attitude and outlook on life such as yours that is all you will ever expect to be.

    1. You’re an D-bag. I wrote this blog as awareness, and if you actually read the blog, you’ll see that it tells people to do the research themselves. I’m just combining a bunch of sources to make it easier for people to do their research,so stop being a jackass and ADDING to more filth on the internet.

      I do have a job actually, and it’s an awesome one thank you. My first job was actually doing fast food in high school and I’ve put myself through college to get to the amazing jobs that I’ve been able to get, so before you go and make assumptions on someone, maybe you should get the facts. I also truly respect hard workers and especially the older ones, so go f-yourself. This post was to help people be aware before they jump into something that they regret and get screwed. I don’t come from a cushy life, and my blog is purely whatever I want it to be. If you don’t enjoy reading it, get the fuck out! but obviously, you have nothing better to do!

  9. You just need to realize that some of the companies you are speaking about are actually legitimate companies that are not a scam in any way, shape, or form and what you are doing here hurts their business. It may not be a job for everyone, but it is a job for someone. People are providing for their families working for these places. I just don’t see any reason that you would need to say ugly things about these companies. While I cannot speak for all of the companies you have maligned above, I can speak for one and it is a company that has provided opportunity for me and my family to better ourselves. You are hindering profitability for a company that has done nothing “shady” and provides livelihood for families.

    On a side note- I love your professional syntax, very classy.

    1. This is MY blog, not my resume, why do I need to be professional or classy? People like you still come and troll all the time, so it looks like people are still reading my classy writing either way.

      All my post did was combine a bunch of links together for convenience of peoples research and add my opinion. Like you and everyone else, I can write and post whatever I want. If whatever company your family works at is a legit company, then people can do the research and find it for themselves. If there are bad reviews, there should be good reviews somewhere, and I’m sure people can go figure that out on their own. These are companies IIII would stay away from and IIII wouldn’t recommend, so hence why I wrote the post.

      For my personal friends, I am constantly sending job openings to them, fixing up their resumes, and giving work/school advice, and so far, so good. I have gotten friends hooked up with jobs that they love, that have also opened up many doors to them. Those companies I listed above are companies I wouldn’t recommend, and I will stick to it.

      If THIS is the post that is hurting their business, then I suggest they step up their game because that is REALLY pathetic. Did you go picket all of those other sites where people posted negative reviews too? Sites like and are full of peoples reviews and opinions, good and bad; are you going to freak out on each of them for hurting businesses as well?

      You’re ridiculous. Please stop commenting on my stuff..and even if you choose not to stop..I’ll delete it all anyways…

      1. This is for Jfo, on the comment from Anonymous………

        How do we know Anon is now wroking for this “questionable” company? I don’t really trust blindly anymore, to may burns. I DO however check, research and do my due dilegence.

        I like the site Jfo, it helped me confirm what I had dug up on this company. I wouldn’t be losing any sleep over this company losing out on employees……..(to screw).

        Look luck working for this company Anonymous.

  10. What do you consider a scam? Cuz i thought it was like if they made you pay money or took money or somthin like that? Im not defendng anything but i didnt lose any money when i went for that interivew with them i and i didnt lose money working there either. It was all commission but they paid me for what i did. it just wasnt my thing. i was just contacted by another one of these places the jobbingtree people and had no idea what it was then i found this. I worked for the first place on here for about a month and i liked it i just didnt see it as my career kinda thing. i keep seein pages like this on other places for entry level jobs but i wanna know what people think is a scam if you dont pay money in and they dont take money from you? and Anon 3 up prob is just upset cuz they work at one of these places and feel like they should do somethin.

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