To the Aquarium!

Overall a good day I’d say. Yesterday, Khang, Whitney and I decided to make a trip to Canada. Our main objectives: the Vancouver Aquarium and food. And damn…did we accomplish it.

We started our morning with a Mcdonald’s breakfast and were on our short trip to Canada. We made it there in good time too, and the best part while we were there was that we were never ever lost =D yay. If you go to Canada…it’s always about quality food right? Especially Asian cuisine, so our first dining spot was getting some DimSum at Dai Tung! It’s one of my favorite places to get DimSum but I’ll have to admit…it wasn’t very good this time. I usually enjoy the food and service a TON more but it just wasn’t cracking today. The food wasn’t up to par and the service was just lacking…o well, at least it wasn’t HORRID. Afterwards, we made our way to Chinatown to pick up pastries and some meats for my mom. Typical Canada trip no?

Soon after, we did the tourist thing and went to the Vancouver Aquarium to enjoy the marine wild life. We had some awesome timing too. We caught the 4-d showing, which was awesome besides the aggressive plastic rod that jabbed us, and then immediately after got to see the dolphin show.

On our way out of Vancouver, we hunted down the infamous  Japadog...a what? I said it! a Japadog! It’s a hot dog with Japanese influence! We found the place pretty easily..just parking sucked..but even the cute little ladies that sold them were native Japanese =D

The rest of our trip was spent at Metro Town mall browsing and purchasing a few goodies. On our way home, we were going to eat in Canada but took a wrong turn.. since it was already late and we were heading the direction of home…we drove home and ate at BCD. Altogether though…another awesome trip to Canada for me.

Next time, we’re going to enjoy the fine Stanley park weather with our bikes, scooters and blades =D


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