Fake Beats Tour Dr.Dre Headphones

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted as always, but today, I’ll try something a little different since I think some people should get a heads up on it.

Being the spendy boy Khang is, he decided he wanted the Beats Tour Dr. Dre headphones. The prices on them were ridiculous though, so he looked for a decent deal. At Best Buy, you can find them for $150, and with tax and everything it ran $163..for headphones! They have a nice sound, but for sure the price is tacked up because of they’re red un-tangled style and the label of “Dr. Dre.”

If you order them on Ebay for a super good deal, and it’s being shipped from Hong Kong or China…guess what? you got SCAMMED! Let me show you some of the differences and compare them to the real Beats Tour Dr.Dre Headphones. I’m not sure if they’re all this way, but here we gooo

This is the outside of the boxes. The one on the left is the real one. Without comparing them side by side..I doubt anyone could really tell the difference. The knock-off box is smaller in every way, and if you notice on the back of the box, the font is actually a lighter color and not as bold. I apologize for the poor photo quality..I only had my camera-phone on hand at the time!

This is the box once you pull the cover off. Again, the right one is the fake one. The color is not as vivid but as I said before..unless you have them side by side, you probably wouldn’t have a clue.

The bottom is the real one, and top is fake. As you can see, once you open the box, the flap is completely different. The real one has an extra binding flap, the fake does not.

The top/left is the real one…If you look closely, you’ll notice that on the real ones, the silver part is actual metal (or whatever kind of material they use) and the gradient of it movies North to South. Where as on the fake ones, in the 2nd photo, you can see that the gradient of it movies South to West.

Also, there seems to be a clear sticker that covers the fake ones (on the right), making it appear shiny. I don’t have an amazing photo of it, but on the fake  headphone, you could see air pockets from the sticker (right headphone).

Last major thing to point out is the serial number near the audio jack. The top one is the real one. The serial number is clean cut and clear on a harder type plastic, while the fake ones on the bottom have it almost faded off and on a more rubbery material.

There are obviously more differences such as the color..but it would be impossible to tell unless you had them side by side..also, some of the wording/numbers are different on the bar codes are different..but definitely not noticeable.

I hope this helps some people! Don’t get scammed!

***UPDATE***July 26, 2010

I just locked the comments. I wrote this blog for my own benefit, friends and trying to help people out, but I’ve encountered wayyy to many rude people (sorry for those that are nice…but it just gets too much eventually), PLUS, this was never intended to be some mainstream-professional reference for finding real vs fake beat headphones. I have a SLR but I took the pics with my phone camera for christ-sake. I had no intention on being a top-choice for comparing headphones. The REAL beat headphones are crappy anyways, so I wouldn’t recommend you buy them. It’s plastic and breaks easily, and the sound quality on them compared to Bose or any other big name isn’t impressive. You’re just paying a premium to look cool. (I never bought beat headphones btw..someone I knew did and I just tagged along for photos)


17 thoughts on “Fake Beats Tour Dr.Dre Headphones

    1. Honestly…unless you had them side by side…one of each in your ear..you’d have no idea what the differences are. There is a slight difference in bass..but really…no one would know >__<

  1. I can’t tell the difference!!! haha, piracy is creativity if you look it at another perspective. Is Beats flattered?

  2. I got a pair as a bday gift, and shiiiiiiiiitttttttttt its fake. If it was me i would have searched for it but i think my cousin doesnt know about all this shit. So she got scammed.
    I will ask her where she got it from, it its a local store then i will go and give it back.

    And while looking at the metal on it, it just came off. 😦 .
    I want to ask that where they are made it, mine says made in china.

  3. If you don’t really hear a difference, and paid a lot less, I don’t see the problem….??

  4. yeah i got the fakes for £30 thats £90 less than in HMV so if there is not much diff in sound the only diff is the build qual

  5. I never compared them side by side, so I couldn’t tell you if there really is a difference or not.

  6. i think u made a mistake…in the first pic u say the one on the left is the real one but in the second pic u said it was fake but its the same box…its the bigger box that is the real one in pic 1 but in pic 2 the bigger box is fake?

    1. thanks for the heads up, you’re prob right! I’ll get to updating this eventually. I wrote this blog just for fun, but it ended up getting more popular than i thought.

  7. Both the boxes are fake,the back of the real beats by dr dre tour does not even look like that. It has the face of dr dre there. One of the picture of the tour in their official website even shows that.

    1. You’re an idiot, I bought it from Best Buy. Why would I post 2 fake ones?! That defeats the purpose of this post. I didn’t write this post for the world to see and be linked to, I wrote it for friends and such. I didn’t think everyone would get linked to this. So get over yourself.

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