You gave the plant an owie

Since both Khang and I are unemployed, every Thursday, we head off to Khang’s family’s gas station to help out by lifting and smashing down boxes. We had to make sure things were spick-n-span because the audit lady was suppose to come in the next few days.

Well, after doing our usual routine, Khang’s mom told us that we needed to pick up the fallen advertisement signs on the grass. Khang needed to fill his gas tank so he told me to move his truck and fill it up while he fixed the signs…since I always have to move the truck and such, I told him nope and went to fix the 2 fallen signs myself. I got one up rather quickly… I just picked it up, stabbed it into the ground and stomped on it to make sure it was locked and secure..and voila…the 2nd one wasn’t so easy though.

The 2nd sign was originally posted in a small bush in the ground, so when it had fallen, it uprooted some of the plant, and I couldn’t find a way to stick it in without further harming the plant, so I waited for Khang. He was taking a bit longer since there was a long line at the pumps, but once he got to the pump, he went to help me…but as he approached, some crazy looking, bum-lady waiting in line for gas, pops her head out of her beat up astro-van and says to Khang in a semi-joking manner “why were you just sitting in your car while she did the work!”.. well we laughed it off and then Khang starts to “fix” the fallen sign. I told him I didn’t do it because I didn’t know what to do about the plants…well he said it didn’t matter and just stomped all over the plant and eventually got the sign in.

As Khang was walking off with his goofy smile, the lady speaks out to us and tells us that we gave the plant an owie…and Khang replies, it’s ok! it’s my plant!! hahah……….

Well…since we finished our work, filled Khang’s tank, said bye to his mom as she was listening to the crazy looking lady tell her what Khang did to the plant and drove off…we got a call a few minutes later to find that Khang forgot his coat, so we had to do a huge u-turn around and travel all the way back….

I quickly hopped out of the car to grab the coat and to my surprise..the crazy looking lady was still in the gas station………… she was the auditor…. HAHAhahahahhaa…….the crazy lady again..repeated how Khang gave the plant an owie again, and Khang’s mom, while “laughing along” told her she got docked off points from it…HAHa… -________-

O man…the timing of all this was amazing…


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