We need to break in…

With Christmas approaching, Khang and I have been holiday shopping and returning for several days. Today, as we were leaving the house, Khang had to run back inside to check something on the internet, so he took the keys to unlock the house door. I sat in the car waiting and when he came back…he had no keys. O___o

I thought, I’ll probably call someone and hopefully someone could pick me up and bring me to my moms work nearby…but instead, Khang said he could break in. Very boy thing to do yea?


First he tried the downstairs bathroom window…

Then he tried the garage window…

Then we decided my room since I just opened my window earlier that day to air out the dog smell…the difficult part was that he parked his truck RIGHT under my window. lol…awesome huh?

He managed to open it! The biggest problem was gripping it open…how did we do it? We went into his truck to grab his GPS that was on the window and took the suction cup thing and used that to drag the window hahahaa

The weather was cold..and rainy..plus we had been walking all over my lawn…luckily, on his own courtesy, he took off his shoes before entering my room!! haha, I wanted to ask him too, but I didn’t think it would be the appropriate time haha… >__>

If you look closely…his shoe is off lol

(I took these pics while holding the ladder with my phone lol)


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