The dog we named Snow

Hey all!

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but let’s get you folks updated. I am currently studying Mandarin in Beijing and I’m learning a lot, whoot. I’ll admit though, this is the first time on a trip (not counting when I was sick), that I’ve actually been home sick, ahh.

Well, I have class 5 days a week for 4 hours each class and the people in my class are really awesome, plus, our teachers are really kind to us.

BUT! the point of this blog is to tell you about this little dog right outside our apartment complex. On the first day it snowed here, I noticed this little dog outside in the snow, wandering around. I thought at first it belonged to someone since it had a red rope around its neck…however, we ran into her a few more times…and the weather here is also mighty cold.

After seeing the cute puppy and realizing how cold the weather was, Jane decided to start feeding it. So she has made a doggie dish to give it dog food and water. Whenever we notice her on our way home, Jane rushes to get food prepared and we go outside to find it…SO..this dog is ALWAYS around this general area, but..whenever we look for her..shes gone >___< so sometimes..when we go outside to feed her right after we go home..shes gone?! lol…wth?


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