The day has come. I’m officially…a NEET. What is a NEET? Well…it is me. haha

NEET is an acronym meaning “Not in Employment, Education, or Training.” Can you believe it?? I’m done with school finally and unemployed. It’s a bit strange, waking up and knowing I will never be back in there again unless I go to graduate school. How bizarre.  Reality has set in. As many of you know, my former job, which ended this last Tuesday, was a job I had on campus as a student worker. I finished up my final quarter of my undergrad in summer, and spent the rest of the time working on campus, so the reality of not having school never set in since I was on campus so often.

On my final day and hour of work, I walked through campus as the fall weather set in; the cool winds and rain brushed against my face with a reminiscent feel to it. Usually…I’d be avoiding the rain and walking briskly through it, seeking shelter…but last Tuesday, I enjoyed the rain that set across Red Square for the first time as I walked through the puddles. I could smell the rain, and I could smell the start of school. I never realized how signific ant the weather was to the beginning of a school year until now.

I’m glad I graduated, but at the same time sad that I’m done. Well, onward to something new and better! And..we’ll start it off with me being a NEET for the month =)


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