Got Cut

Ahh..Look at that cut on my wrist. It doesn’t look so bad in the photo though, but it hurts like crazy. It looks like some failed suicide attempt since it’s neither vertical or horizontal haha >___<  I could have some badass story to it and how I got it…or perhaps my dogs slashed me..but no.. Guess how I got this painful mark that was close to bleeding all over the nice bracelet Jane gave me?? A Banana. Yes. That’s right… banana cut me. Wth?


5 thoughts on “Got Cut

  1. Symons: lol, me and a fight? beating someone down…? I’m pretty sure the banana is more believable haha

    momo_chen: whoa! it’s been a long time! how have you been?

    Tammy: I should write children stories huh? haha

    Steven: =D yes indeed, a banana.. I reached across a banana and the stem was ridiculously sharp >__>

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