Fixin’ it up

Fun story. I already told the story the other night, but visual aid is always nice =)


So, right above my head, exactly where I sleep, there is a giant yellow stain. There has been a stain there since I could remember though. When I got back from my DC internship, I remember looking up when I got up from bed and thinking…”wow…looks like it got bigger,” but I thought to myself…eh, I’ve been gone for a few months, I probably just imagined things.

Well..sure enough, I woke up one rainy day and noticed that the stain grew in diameter…so I stood on my bed and touched my ceiling to find it damp…

Khang, Mr.Construction, said he could probably patch it up though! awesome. Problem is…we found that there weren’t any holes on the roof, so Khang investigated the side of the house when we were on the roof, and found a crack. Bingo. Let’s patch it up then! Well…another problem was that the area was VERY difficult to reach since it was between 2 roofs and also the corner edge. Our 20ft ladder was too short as well.. So..instead, we did it the ghetto way.

“Jen, hold on to my legs, and don’t let go” and then Khang was on his way to haphazardly patching up the crack as best as he could from the angle he hung by.

It was a messy job..but it seemed to do the trick. As he continued to patch the crack though, he found that the crack extended, so he needed more leverage. Leverage in which I could not support..SO. My bro came in the picture and held me so that gravity wouldn’t have its way with us.

Surprisingly enough, it worked and no one was harmed =D Thanks Khang for doing that! and Jane for taking pics haha


6 thoughts on “Fixin’ it up

  1. Meesha: haha that’s why I love photography

    David: =D brilliant idea right??

    christina: haha, as long as it worked out, it’s ok right?

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